Why You Should Join The 100 To 100 SuperCharged Coaching Program Class Of 2022


I hope you’re well, and still looking up on what is to come for you this year. 


We have health and fitness goals to achieve together, if you’re tired of giving up, or just not starting at all and are really serious about change then this could be the one for you. 

This is my third  class thus far and 200 out of 200 have come away with their desired outcome, and a ton more of knowledge and tips to keep their bodies in shape for life. It was a real blessing to do this for 2 years in a row so I had to bring this back in 2022  and help another 100 Di1’s. 

That’s not even including the 12 companies that I helped last year, get their staff in shape!



Offline & online I’ve been getting it done, no matter what… I started in 2020 in the worst year, and still succeed and still got all  100 of you in the best shape in one year.  Di1’s got healthy, wiser & more confident in your body and yourselves.

So below I’m just going to explain some things, and if you’d like to join  this year you can.



What Is The Supercharged Coaching Program Anyway?

It’s a weight loss coaching program that I launched in 2020  to help more Di1’s all across the world (Not just in the UK)… 

In abundance lit for 365 days.. As I felt like so many of you across the world need a lot of help, and I know me and my team can provide that for you…. That’s some light work! 

So it’s a done with you coaching program everything that you do I’ll be there every step.



We will do workouts, I will advise you on what to do both when working out and when you’re on your own in the long term. 


Your food intake and making adjustments, to see the best results in a year that we can… 


At the same time knowing that 365 days vs the rest of your life is the short term and, everything I will be helping you with will make you be able to stand on your own two feet, when it comes to this & not needing me, unless you really want to stick around on my site. 


Not to be rude but I really don’t need you like that, what I need is for you to be healthy and well plus not be a sucker.. 

for those that are laying traps/ scams etc, all because  there are things you don’t know about your health and what to do. 


This is getting you Physically wealthy and mentally smart as you’ll become food& drink literate.

All I want for you is for you to lose weight, be healthier and never have to worry about what you put inside you again.

So what this Supercharged coaching program really is, it’s a vessel for you to jump on, and have the support that you have been looking for your whole life when it comes to health, or you never thought would happen.


Last Thoughts

This really is 100 percent of you for 100 percent of me, I’m giving my all & all I ask for in return is that you give it your all, before even thinking of applying.  If you’re willing to give everything for this year then please (Sign up now)

I’ve made some adjustments from the last two years, so my program now is a lot better than it was and fits

the times we are living in now, So I would like to give a big S/O to the class of 2020/2021 for giving me great feedback to improve! 

You’ve got until  the end of the month to sign up (Unless you’re a company & want your whole staff on this program) 
in which case you can apply at anytime. 

So please read carefully the ins and outs of it all, and if it’s the right  fit for you apply right away.


From previous experiences I get lot of applications & way more than 100 for that matter! 🙏🏿


That does not mean if you’re number 101, it will not be looked at, everyone that applies will be looked at and spoken to, that is for sure. 


It’s me and my teams responsibility to get a sense of who you are as a person, and if you’re the right fit for this program… 

If you’ve got what it takes, and will work hard and smart over a 365 day period, your energy too

that means everything. 


I’ll give you an example, there are at least four people who I can recall ticked a lot of boxes but still got told no. 


Why ? they were better suited with someone else than me, for how they are and their energy. 

I’m not afraid to admit that, I don’t just work this long with anyone… It has to click, I must feel something or what is the point ? 


So what I did with my years of experience of meeting others in my field  in this health game was referred them to somebody else…

Who is a lot more aligned with them, with a glowing reference.. Just because I can tell you no, does not mean that’s the end.. I am kind enough to refer you or to still help you in another way instead.


So really you’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain from just applying and then getting on the phone with me.


I’m really excited to read, see & speak to all of you from across the globe 

If the energy is right and you really want this then we  will make it happen, so it’s open right now and will closed by  the below date..

5th of Jan- 5st Feb.  That’s  a month to sign up and I’ll get back to you all  ASAP!


So what are you waiting for?…