Why You Should Join The 100 To 100 SuperCharged Coaching Program Class Of 2021

So the new year is finally here I hope all of you are healthy and well, I really wanted to start of by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I Just pray this year will be much better than the last, & no matter what you all stick to your goals & keep your faith!

Now last year’s class of 2020 was a real blessing to help all 100 of you that got chosen, even though 2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks..


We still got out of it and all 100 of you Di1’s got healthy, wiser & more confident in your body and yourselves.

I loved the exp so much that I had no choice but to open up another one for the class of 2021!

As of the today you can now sign up for the chance to join the 100 to 100 SuperCharged Coaching Program & be in the class of 2021.


I felt for those that don’t know what this coaching program is all about or what I’m talking about I’ll explain below.


What Is The Supercharged Coaching Program Anyway?

It’s a weight loss coaching program that I launched last year to help more Di1’s all across the world (Not just in the UK) …

In abundance lit for 365 days.. As I felt like so many of you across the world need a lot of help, and I know me and my team can provide that for you.

So it’s a done with you coaching program everything that you do I’ll be there every step.

All I want for you is for you to lose weight, be healthier and never have to worry about what you put inside you again.

So what this Supercharged coaching program really is, it’s a vessel for you to jump on, and have the support that you have been looking for your whole life when it comes to health, or you never thought would happen.

Of course, you’ll get much more than that, as you’ll be a brand new you.. But obs I would say that!


So Why Should I Believe Anything You’re Saying To Me Right Now?  

Unlike many others who offer you coaching programs, I’m not setting you up to return to me with short term solutions and then you end up back under me or someone else again.

Once you’ve been Supercharged you ain’t going back to your old life, it’s like the matrix if you want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

So make no mistake about what I’m telling you once this year is up you’re set for life & I’ll put that on everything to any and all who are reading this right now.

I’m not in the game of seeing you suffer whilst taking your money over and over again, this is a onetime deal & I work very hard and very smart to path this road for us to shine on.

This is a big part of my purpose, you’re not speaking to just anyone either this is another thing I must say.

I believe I am the healthiest person alive & when I die of all time!

God gave me this vision and it’s to help the world to become healthier/ be the best version of themselves that they can be.

I am that miracle, my team heard my vision and it became we & the only place we’re going is up!

So I can’t fail you or sell you short or anything like that because it’s bigger than me & I’ll give you everything that I got so that all 100 of you just like last year get the results.

Now if you don’t feel that then this is not for you, but I thank you for reading this far and I wish you nothing but the best, for real.

Those of you  that think it’s worth applying and want to know more can do so here  (Sign Up Now) 


Last Thoughts

The 100 to 100 part is because It’s 100 percent of you for 100 percent of me, if you’re willing to give everything for this year then please (Sign up now)

I still have lots of ones to go through form last year who try to sign up after the date had passed in 2020!

I’m not even joking I’ve got so much to go  through, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance…

What you don’t know is  me or one of my team will get on the phone with you to get a better sense of who you are it’s all about energy.


I may get on the phone with you and think you’re not for me, I don’t see us working together and us working, but for example I know lots of others who could help you out.

Or you may hear what I’m saying on the phone and think nahhhhhh I can’t stand him LMAO!  I won’t take it to heart trust meeeeeeeeeeee.


If the energy is right and you really want this then will make it happen, so it’s open right now and will close below..

6th of Jan- 10th Feb.  That’s over a month to sign up and I’ll get back to all the 100 ASAP!


So what are you waiting for?…