Why Mental Health Matters

Dear Di1’s

What we eat & drink and how we work out matters a lot when it comes to being healthy.

We must not forget that mental health starts everything off when it comes to health, if our mind is not right and our focus it then becomes  very hard to be healthy and to stick to things.

If we are not happy this impacts us on how we view things such as adversity, a loss in our lives of any type and also how we see each other in life.

Working out  can be very hard to start off with, and if you are already stressed out it will make you even more stressed.. If your mind is not right.

That’s one of the reasons why I started Di Nutrition to take away the stress of not knowing and giving you more knowledge, confidence and power.

Mental health is for everybody, if you have a brain then it’s for you! Too many of us are suffering with depression which can lead to thoughts of wanting to leave earth which is worse case but also, strokes, diabetes type 2 & heart disease.

It matters because we must know how we tend to deal with things, as it’s not the same for everyone and not every one  know’s if what they are doing is unhealthy for them let alone what it is that they are doing on the most part.

This is why it’s important to speak up about it to someone, because if nobody knows including you, it’s not going to end very well.

It matters because you never know what another human being has been through, a lot of you have been through trauma, a long list of abuse in many forms, chronic medical condition, genes or a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Alcohol & drugs, bad family/friend or just feeling alone or isolated.

Mental health matters because nobody should have to go through all of that above and have no help at all, or no one to talk to.

Every one of you deserve to see your full potential and be able to better cope with the stresses of life.

You deserve that chance, you deserve to hit your pillow at night and sleep real good and not be up all night worrying or crying yourself to sleep.

Mental health matters because we all should care and look out for each other, we are all as one despite all the b.s of this world.

Mental health matters because everything starts with us, and to achieve anything we must always feed ourselves good thoughts, and not the negative which is fear based anyway to keep us down.

It’s always forward, and it’s always putting your head up to  the limitless opportunity/ ideas that we all have inside us, just waiting to come out to the world.

I really hope if you are not doing so well or are struggling that you know I’m here for you, that you know that (Di1 therapy Read More) is here to help you turn things around.

I hope you feel that my heart is fully in motion & see what a chance this is for you, if you’ll jump.

We are in this together

All My Love

Karim XO