My Philosophy


The world of health & nutrition, and weight loss has become somewhat of a complicated topic since… well forever, which often leaves us feeling confused, lost and overwhelmed. My pledge to you is to cut through all of the myths, poor nutritional advice and just straight up lies and share simple, but yet effective tools that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you reach your personal goals again and again.

I’m not a believer in one-size fits all, (strictly scientific approach to health and weight loss) as there are so many factors that determine our food choices and habits with food. Instead, I choose to work uniquely towards YOU this allows me to get a better look at your mindset, habits ect then from there we make adjustments.

I also like getting to know you and what you are doing currently including; health, exercise, lifestyle, beliefs and your relationship with food and the body, so together, we can have an understanding and awareness of these factors which will then help us to create the nutrition and guidance needed specially for YOU to achieve your personal goals.

Learning to eat well, lose weight and be food smart does not have to be an overwhelm. There is a way to do this with out all of this stress and pressure of dieting/ traditional dieting period.

My coaching services are not limited for those who just want to lose weight either, but for anyone looking to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change. Whatever your goal is, I’m here for you! Every step of the way to coach, guide, motivate, Grow and support you!

Who I Love Working With | I enjoy working with Di’1s who have any of these following goals:
– Weight loss
– Healing your relationship with food
– Fitness and sports
– Family Nutrition
– Becoming a Vegetarian

As a Di’1 of my program, you will be:
– Happy and confident with food/life
– Achieve your unique set of goals
– Develop habits to support your goals
– Learn how to nourish your body for life
– Create self strategies to keep yourself accountable and on track
– Learn to achieve your desired healthy weight and how to maintain your ideal weight
– Increase your knowledge of your body, nutrition and wellness
– To help yourself and others to eat and live well

Is this even right for you? You should only work with me if:
– You’re willing to not just talk about it, but also actually do what ever it takes until (you reach your goals)
– You’re committed and ready to put health in your top 3 priorities
– You’re Ready to take an honest and new approach to your current habits with food and drink/ your body
– You’re ready to give up on “fad” diets and find a plan that’s right for you
– You’re wanting and willing to adopt an out of this world, long lasting lifestyle changes
– You’re looking to learn, grow and be more confident with making healthy food choices
– You’re looking to re- wire your mind to welcome in success again and again
– You’re willing to pay close attention and listen to what I say
– You have seen (or want to create) a vision of your future self (that actually comes to life)
– You need guidance, accountability, support and a real coach to support and help you change your behaviours to get you where you want to be
– You are willing to accept that this is not a one size fits all program or plan
– You want to work with a fun loving, open-minded, authentic, tell it like it is health and wellness coach who is 100% supportive of you and wants nothing more than to see you succeed

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