If You Only Drink When You’re Thirsty It’s Too Late

Dear Di1’s

We are in the season  of summer so of course we will be taking on more water than ever. 

My point is this  do not wait to be thirsty before you drink water, as it’s already too late!

Your body is telling you that you’re in dehydration which is what drinking the water is for, to avoid that.

Don’t wait just drink, and drink often, you know when it’s hot you will want to drink more anyways so without the heat you should be drinking 8 cups anyway.


Although in the heat there is no real number I can throw at you as it depends on where you live/ what you’re doing.

8 should be the lowest amount that you drink when it’s really hot 9, 10, 11 & 12 would most likely be max for many of you but like I said before it depends  on where you live/what you’re doing.

Don’t make water an afterthought here are 5 ways you can drink water daily (Click Here).

If you’d like to go deeper on what Water is best for you to be drinking then please (Click Here) 

This was nothing but a quick reminder to stay hydrated and to drink before you feel thirsty daily.. as always stay safe and be healthy Di1’s

Love you all

Karim XO