How To Include Nuts In Your Diet

Nuts are the answer for dipping energy levels and quick health snacks. But how do you try to include them in your own diet?

Today I have some easy and efficient ways to help you get your daily dose of nuts: 

  • Add them to salads, this is probably the best way to include them; you will feel fuller for longer.
  • If you enjoy a curry, then add them there, dry roasted nuts can be added last when making the curry or vegetables. I would recommend peanuts with stir fried cabbage.
  • Add nuts to fruits, this can even be your healthy desert. The trick is to stick to portion sizes, if you are looking to fill up a small bowl with cut up pieces of fruit then take your daily recommend dose of nuts and sprinkle them on top. For example, chopped bananas with honey, sprinkled sliced almonds and walnuts, and a dash of cinnamon, it really hits the spot!
  • Other ingredients that always go well with nuts are cinnamon, honey, fruits such as grape fruit, oranges and tangerines, brown rice and cabbage.
  • When all else fails, nuts are the perfect snack. Not only can they satisfy your hunger between meals, they are also the perfect food when you are in need of a healthy, snack that you can grab on the go and take with you anywhere.

To end, moderation is always king. Make the smart choice about making nuts part of your daily diet, and you will find that each meal you include them in will keep you fuller for longer and the pounds will shed away.

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