Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

extravirgin pic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so good I would say that it is the best Oil in the world!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural and very high in antioxidants, and is common in the Mediterranean diet.


Many of the lower quality olive oils have been processed and adulterated with cheaper oils.


Bear in mind though, when it comes to the Olive Oil market there is a lot of fraud going on and it is essential to buy from a well-known and trustworthy seller. Even oil that is labelled “Extra Virgin” may have been adulterated with cheaper oils.


Here Are The Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Oil….

Lowers Blood pressure


Blood clotting


Reduces inflammation


Cures some types of Cancer


Prevents Alzheimer’s disease


Can You Cook With It?

I see it as simple as this, if you are making tomato and meat based sauce to go over spaghetti squash and you want the traditional flavour, “Don’t worry about itttttttt!” A bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil going bad due to some heat exposure…just give it some TLC and you will survive the journey intact.









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