Gluten- Free Diet For Weight Loss

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You’re in a spot of bother right now.

You love eating bread a lot, but have now read…

That the latest Celebrities and Athletes are using Gluten- free diets to become stronger, faster, healthier and more youthful looking.

Everywhere you go, restaurants and grocery stores are now offering Gluten -free foods.

You’re confused. You’re wondering if your love of bread is actually worth it. You also want to know if giving up Gluten is worth the trouble and expense. More importantly you are wondering what the hell is Gluten anyway?

What I am about to share with you will cover all of the above, and whether or not the Gluten- free diet for weight loss is for you or not.

What Is Gluten?

Well its not PVA glue that’s for sure! (Well not quite) Gluten is a protein found in grains including Wheat, Rye and Barley. This particular protein acts like glue to shape and form the food. The two proteins that make up gluten are Gliadin and Glutenin. This is why people with Celiac disease react badly to it.
Who Actually Needs A Gluten Free Diet?

Gluten-free diet is a must for those with Celiac disease. When gluten is consumed, the immune system responds by thinking it’s invading your body. In the end people with Celiac disease end up with damaged intestines. Those of you who have Celiac disease will tend to have a tougher time to absorb your nutrients into your bloodstream. When the gluten is consumed you can potentially feel malnourished.

Should I switch diets?

Only if you are suffering from Celiac disease or Gluten sensitive. The hype around Gluten-free has made a lot of people change diets without any real reason to. Besides for healthy eating, going Gluten- free isn’t the healthiest. Whole grains provide very important nutrients, which aren’t easy to get when many grains are cut out. The reality is not many people need to switch, for example only 1% of Americans need to be on a Gluten- free diet due to the fact they have Celiac disease. Not for weight loss purposes.

Have people lost weight while following a Gluten- free diet? OF COURSE! I’ve heard countless stories of people losing weight such as (Pics Below) Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.. But this is most likely because many high calorie processed foods were cut out of their diets. The increase in Gluten- free snack (Junk) food on the market has now made it easy to gain weight when following this diet.

Final Thoughts

Without having a medical reason like Celiac disease, there’s no reason to eliminate Gluten. I would say that it’s always good idea to incorporate a variety of whole grains into your diet to add versatility and balance out your nutrients. A Gluten-free diet is a difficult one to follow, especially if you have never been on a diet before. If you want to lose weight, and I mean really, like it’s a goal for you to do this and be consistent. Then I would invest my money elsewhere.

I would like to hear from you guys!

Do you think there are other reasons Gluten is bad for you?
Do you have any other questions about Gluten?
Then please leave your comments below
Until next time Ciao 🙂

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Kevin Schurrle
Kevin Schurrle
9 years ago

The more our food is modified, the more problems we’re going to have as a society.

Claire Matthews
Claire Matthews
9 years ago

Another excellent article. It’s like the Dummies version of understand gluten, but in a cool way. Def sharing this one.

9 years ago

Iv been eating Quinoa recently is this whole grain food ?