Frozen Meals: How To Choose Healthy


Not all frozen foods are created equal. Healthful choices certainly are available. That being said with so many options, it can be really difficult to figure out which ones are healthier.

So below are my five helpful tips to make your life easier when down the frozen food aisle.


5 Tips For Choosing Frozen Meals


Read The Labels- It is not uncommon for frozen food to include additives and artificial ingredients. So you must always read the ingredients label and choose whole foods and less of the fake stuff. If you are struggling to get whole foods in your diet, then here are some effective ways to get more whole foods in your diet (Click Here) 


Portion Sizes- The portion sizes of packaged foods can be deceiving. It is best to check the nutrition facts on the label and take note of the number of servings in the package. It may seem like the package is for one person when it is really for two (or even more) servings.


Watch out for Sodium- Frozen foods are notorious for having lots of sodium (Salt) in them. Choose frozen meals with no more than 765Mg of sodium per serving.


Choose Whole Grains- There are tons of benefits to going off and eating whole grains such as: Good for your heart, digestive system and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Yet in general we do not seem to eat enough of it. Many frozen meals are actually made with whole grains, so choose those varieties often.


Add Vegetables- Frozen meals often include only a very small portion of vegetables or none at all. To round out the meal and keep it fairly balanced, add a salad or pick up a bag of frozen vegetables to steam and have them on the side.


I would love to hear from you guys!

What are your favourite frozen food meals?

Leave a comment below to let me know

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Glen Peters
Glen Peters
8 years ago

Some really awesome tips Karim.I love Burritos so much,any advice on how to make them healthier?