End Of The Year Speech 2021

Where has all the time gone this year!


 I feel a cross between giving all that I could at this point in my life, to having so much more to give to you all this year!


 It was so much fun to take on request of posts that you all wanted, to hear your thoughts/feedback to make what I do better for you.


 I’m proud to have started Di1 Therapy (Click Here) all thanks to a conversation from a dear friend…


 That gave me the idea in the first place, which breed me doing more gems for mental health and growing the site.



Also, what I’ve wanted to do for so long is an athletes/champions category for winners or those looking to become a winner!


It’s an important part of my life, so again this extended more content for what is a part of me and can help you.


To have the ones that I wrote about, see it was very nice indeed… It went a lot better than I thought, and I thought about it a lot, you feel me ?


Just the volume of content if you did not notice has increased too, and it’s something I wanted to do and keep on doing, as last year took a lot of content away, and I vowed to do more, and I did that, and I’m glad that you can all see the progress and the improvement of what I’ve been working on for so long.



The amount of new Di1’s that have come a long this year too, has been a lot, and It’s been a real blessing to have you come a long on my 2021 chapter, but also a big thank you to the loyal ones…


The OG’S. The 1’s that have been here from the start, I see you & thank you for helping me grow and telling others to give me a chance, or sharing my content.


Without you my site would be a graveyard, thank you to anyone else who has read anything that I’ve done this year too, I see it all.


I hit over 20K comments (as of the time of doing this) so it was great to hit that this year, these are all the ones filled with love and power.


 I read them all of course and this is what I choose to focus on, then any form of hate I get back from doing what I love.


This is my most positive year of my whole life, I feel happy, fulfilled, healthy & confident in choices I’ve made this year in all areas of my life



 This along with my mind being in total peace, what I mean is with thoughts, it’s all clear and positive and thoughts to uplift me or just not thinking of anything and focused on the now, which is what matters most.



I’ve done this all year, and It’s allowed me to be at my best thus far, so next year I’m really going to push on that and see where it takes me…


 I’m excited for that. So that’s me, I’m going to enjoy my Christmas & New Year, and then it’s back to helping each and every one of you that read this, to make your health better than it’s ever been. ]



See You All In 2022

  We Look Up


 Karim David 

The Healthy One