End Of The Year Speech 2020

This was the brand-new start of a decade, I was so excited about 2020 and all what the next decade would bring.


My first post was on How to add another decade to your life (Click Here) & I was so happy!


Then Jan 26th hit Kobe, Gigi & the other family had that tragic helicopter crash… The year switched quick.


I kept posting for y’all Feb, March… Then this whole Covid-19 struck & I did not know what to do as far as the site went.


I felt like it was not the right moment to be posting anymore as A)I did not know what the hell is going on, or what this thing is & what this meant for all of us at that point. &  B)Others that I know got sick, so I just paused on posting.


You know I had loads of them on pause I was even thinking of not putting them out until 2021 at that point!


It seems funny now but not at the time, I did not know what to do like everyone else…


I needed time to myself to figure out what I was going to do, like my life wise then everything else.

This lasted right through April and this is when I started to see more videos on the internet about police brutality.

It was all over but of course mainly in America!

So I took April off to focus on bigger things that was going on in the world, to learn more about what is going on.


Then May happened & we all saw what happened to my brothers and sisters then…


The main two that caught the eye of the world was George Floyd.

Who passed away May 25th & Breonna Taylor who passed away March 13th but did not get the worlds eye on her until after George.

R.I.P. to them both and to all of my brothers and sisters that died this year/Those that lost their lives to Covid.

I was not in a very good place seeing all that going on it was very upsetting & going through my own exp of racism from the past & just daily life, so the whole of may I did not post either!

At this point I was very angry with the state of affairs in the world & was focused on my own life mattering and telling my story from my own exp as best I could, with what I’ve been through in my life as soon as everyone would now be open ears.

Remember this is not just 2020 this has all been going on, if you’re not black yourself do not be naive enough to believe that!


The things that have been going on in America by the hands of the police and these racist scumbags has been going on for the longest & not just their anywhere where my brothers and sisters are in the minority!


It’s just now y’all was open to listen, at long last…


If you knew me on a personal level & I don’t hang with you anymore It’s most likely for that reason & I got sick of it you know.


Then June came along I started feeling better, I felt like there was other that needed me and I could help, I felt like this was the one time that I needed to know what I’m like when the world goes into chaos & I passed the test…


So now they need me and I will give them better than ever and keep going and not pause again, because I now know for real what life is like without my impact, without my value, without my Di1’s…


Not so good for either of us!

So June until now and beyond I’ve given nothing but fire & will carry on doing so, as many of you have told me the energy is on another level & without 2020 I don’t think it would have been that way.


This month as you can see I’ve posted a lot more. 


As I wanted to fit as much as I could in until new year for you Di1’s, looking back at all the posts that I’ve made this year I can see the change and I know it’s for the better going forwards into 2021 and beyond.

Now about my meal and workout programs!


If you’ve never looked up top it says workout programs & meal plans on my toolbar, this came just over a year ago now.


There is a lil something for everyone and I really focused on what you wanted, & I gave it to you.


From gym workouts to home workouts, from meat based meal plans to plant based meal plans we got it!


I’m beyond happy with the love and support that been shown, just thank you so much for trusting in me, it means
the world to me!


Also, my new coaching program the 100 to 100 supercharged coaching program!


This on work with me up top, This was so much fun as I took 100 of you on a health journey of a lifetime.


We had our hardships because of all that has gone down this year, but I’m proud to say all 100 of you lost your desired weight and are healthy.


To see before and after pics and just glowing reviews of what you
enjoyed is so amazing to me, I know it was all worth it…


If you knew how much it took to get this on the ground & how many did not want to see this see the light, but I never folded I got it done for y’all and we ain’t looking back, only up to the next one which will be in 2021!

You can find out more/ apply here (Right Here).

A big S/O to all the apps like What’s app, skype, Zoom, etc without these apps I would not of been able to reach all the Di1’s that are overseas, so I’m so thankful for that.



I want to thank all of my Di1’s & everyone that has read, purchased, given love & support to me this year!

I cannot thank you enough it means so much to me to know that you are learning and find hope and confidence in coming here.

The aim has always been for you to be the healthiest version of you that you can be, it could be weight loss, it could be weight gain, it could be going meatless it could be so many things…

Here at Di Nutrition we make it come true, because the only place we are looking is up!

So have yourself the best Christmas that you can & keep your faith in health and just life, because I’m keeping mine for all of you.


I’ll see you all in 2021!!!!


We Look Up

Karim David

The Healthy One