Eat Better Move More

Eat Fruit &Veg- Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and are packed with nutrients. It doesn’t matter if it is fresh, frozen or canned they all count!

If you would like to know more about “How To Get Fruit & Veg into your diet” (Click Here)

The Reason Why- Fruits and vegetables prevent many diseases and have lots of fibre to keep you fuller for longer which is fantastic! You should be getting at least 5 a day minimum, again if you would like to know more about all of this (Click Here)


Switch Your Drink- When you are thirsty what are you drinking? If it’s Sodas, Fruit juice drinks or any other kind of sugary drinks, then you must realise that there are lots of calories and no nutrients in these drinks.

Rethink Your Drink- Next time you are thirsty choose water or milk, they can quench your thirst just as well without adding extra calories.


Portion Control- Eating big portions leads to extra weight. Use smaller plates, eat smaller bites and take your time to enjoy your meal so you do not overeat.

Know you’re going out to eat later?- Take a glance at the restaurants menu online ahead of time for e.g. and think about what you’ll order. Knowing the healthier options in advance helps keep the impulsive decisions at bay, which for most of my readers is JUNK (BAD)


Move More- A good diet alone will not get you the best results, what will is a combo of both a healthy diet and a moving your butt which then = A Healthy Lifestyle. 

What is your excuse? If you are pushed for time you can do it in 7 minutes which is the minimum or if you want to do it for longer 30 minutes is good, if you can do more, great.

The Reason Why- Moving more everyday helps lower your risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with your heart, and some types of cancer. It can also help with stress, weight loss, and building strong muscles and bones. So park further away, go for a walk, take the stairs, sing, dance, just MOVE MORE!


Reduce Screen Time- To many of us spend as much as 3 to 4 hours and beyond in front of a television screen daily. When we’re watching TV, we’re not only being inactive, we often snack on unhealthy foods at the same time. Trade TV, Computer and phone time for physical activity. Walk, run, bike, dance, and try to limit TV time to just two hours or less each day.

Whilst Watching TV- GO be active while watching TV! Do sit-ups, push-ups, star jumps etc and if you are hungry whilst watching TV, eat healthy. The junk food is just setting you back.





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