This Is the Di1 therapy which is an individual therapy which helps explore your negative thoughts and feelings, as well as harmful behaviours that are really hurting your life.


The main focus is for you to be heard, loved, respected, happy, joyful, confident, healthy, strong, focused, positive, present & armed with knowledge to help yourself when it’s just you and your thoughts.


None of you deserve to be left alone or feeling like you are, It’s not over if you fall down / take a setback… It’s all about the come back and getting back up again, this is why I’m offering this Di1 therapy to you & your loved ones.


You’ve always had my back & I’ll always have yours, so please have a look at what I’m offering, and I’ll see you on the other side.


Never forget It’s a strength to ask for help…


We look up 大

How Will I Be Helped ?

You’ll Be Helped Via Any Of The Following Methods: Face To Face, Skype, Discord, What’s App, Email, Twitter & IG.

18 Month 360X 60 Min Sessions & Unlimited Chats  

Price: $742.78

12 Month 200X 60 Min Sessions & Unlimited Chats 

Price: $495.58

6 Month 100X 45 Min Sessions 

Price: $247.11

1 Month 20X 30 Min Sessions 

Price: $40.74


2 Weeks 10X 30 Min Sessions 

Price: $19.01