Di Full Arms Gym Workout

This 8 week Di full arms  gym workout is a great way to  add mass to your arms, strength, bigger biceps, traps, shoulders & gain weight at a faster rate than without weights.


All of these exercise have been tried and tested by my clients over the years that I’ve trained with one on one or as a group.


I know that you’ll be a lot more confident & healthier with your new look after the 8 weeks are done. 


What This Provides:


This workout  was specially designed to help your arms get bigger, extra strength, extra endurance & prevent injury.


Training this way will have your arms the best they’ve ever looked & a big sense of accomplishment  as you did the work to achieve it, which will happen ASAP!



This gives you all of the exercise, instructions & rest days  for you to do and repeat for the next 8 weeks!



You will feel much more empowered and confident as you’ll now know what to do to get gains in your arms.

Also nobody else can take this away from you.