Avoiding Weight Gain Over The Christmas Holidays



There are a lot of traditions that come at Christmas, but one that I know for sure is causing people lot of heartache is weight gained over the Christmas holidays.

So here are some examples of the most common Christmas habits that are making you gain weight, and how to avoid the extra kilos.


Doing No Exercise- I no its really tempting to just relax all day long, but make it a priority to maintain your fitness commitments, and if you don’t have one then get to work! No time better then right now. Take regular walks after you have eaten you will need it for all the extra food you will be consuming.


Going Hungry A very common mistake is eating to many high fat pastries, while waiting for the “Real Food” arrive. Avoid doing this by making sure you have little nibbles in-between. Having filling snacks will make you want to eat less when the “Real Food” finally does arrive, its Christmas so you know you will be eating a lot more than usually right? So make sure you are eating healthy snacks and not the trash ones if you want to keep to your weight loss goals.


Buying Too Much Food- Having your cupboards stocked with excessive amounts of snack food, chocolates etc a recipe for disaster. Purchase only what you need and you wont feel like you have a mountain to climb come the next days after Christmas is over. Avoid buying large boxes of sweets and chocolates if you are looking to lose some real weight this month.


Eating Poor Quality Food– This one is a given, next time you go out to a party take a look at the slim people compared to the overweight ones. Generally speaking, slim individuals are pickier when it comes to food choices. Each time food comes around ask yourself this “ Do I really need to eat this? That then makes you ultimately responsible for what you eat and what you do not eat (Rather than blaming somebody else for being to full/eating food that will hamper your weight loss goals).


Drinking To Much Alcohol- The festive season should not be seen as an excuse to forget your limits if you a drinker. Make sure to have at least two days where you are not drinking any alcohol at all, drink plenty of water and don’t even bother drinking high sugary drinks like fruit juice and fizzy drinks as its not good for your weight loss goals.


Letting Christmas Go On Until January- I can only let you get away with this if you are Spanish! Get out of “Christmas mode” before the New Year, and start eating and excising, before you know it the extra weight that you want to lose will be gone… but you will never know unless you do it and see for yourself.





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