Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Whether it’s your BFF, Co-worker, Siblings or even your parents, each time a person close to you changes their eating habits, it is more than likely going to rub off on you, as eating together is one of the things we do with the people we are closest to.  If you have caved in to peer pressure and it has caused you to give up on your goals right now or in the past, here’s some helpful advice I would like to share with you. 

Food + Friends = Overeating

 Why is it when we are with friends we do this?  I believe there are number of factors at play here. Firstly, that we could be so focused on our socializing that we end up unconsciously eating more and more food. I mean at this point our guards are down right? Also when it comes to our friends they can persuade us to eat more, especially in restaurants where the portion sizes are massive.  And even if you did not want to eat anymore, normally what ends up happening if your friend gets up to get seconds or even thirds, you end up following because you do not want to be left out or to be abnormal.

How to avoid

  •  If you can eat something before you leave home so that way you will be less tempted to overeat… or drink a big glass of water.
  • Have a strategy. Decide before you leave, what you will order or what foods you will avoid. That way you will not be tempted by what is on your friend’s plate.

Look for restaurants that give you a healthier choice on their menus.

Don’t get into an argument about it

You may feel frustrated that after your big announcement to eat better foods, that you are not getting the support you need, which can get your back up but your friends’ reaction is most likely rooted to their own issues, which just means actually your friends may need your support. When someone out of the blue, close to you decides they want change, it forces the person to re-evaluate their own habits and we all know how hard habits are to break. Your friends may feel uncomfortable because they are not ready to change, stand your ground and over time especially when they see the benefits, you will find that they copy what you order and then they say you were the one copying them!

Two Helpful Tips

1.Suggest ways of spending time together that don’t involve eating.

2. Mix things up a bit and do other things. This can really boost your social life. With my own friends I have seen a vast transformation from  “Oh lets go eat something, anything” or “Lets get smashed” to doing activates such as football and basketball.

To end

Be the example in your group. I cannot stress enough the importance of being your own person. Make the changes to your lifestyle that will get you to your goal. Don’t worry too much about your group of friends. I can promise you that if you stick to your belief and keep the consistency  with your goal,  you wont even need to nag them to join you. They will improve without prompting, like I said earlier your friends will say it was their idea … keep calm and count to 10.  

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