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With 7 years & counting of real life experience certified Nutritionist & Fitness expert  Karim David is regularly consulted for his highly respected dietary advice, tips and opinions.  He has already established a great reputation as a Nutritional/ Fitness Advisor  with a stature way beyond his years.

Hailing from London England, Karim made his first foray at the tender age of 17 when he appeared on a local radio station with a very knowledgeable insight into how nutrition impacts on health, which quickly gained the respect of his peers.

Always one to innovate and excel, Karim strived to create effective formula that would be able to help people  burn fat, lose weight and never find it again, all by simply picking the right foods.

He now helps people online & in real life to achieve their desired weight loss goals, become the healthiest version of themselves and to regain their sense of freedom.

Karim  loves what he is doing, but he was not always so fortunate…

He managed to juggle his studies with working a minimum-wage job as a Chef. Longing to leave his white overalls behind, he decided to search for a way to take his growing interest in healthy eating and nutrition to a wider audience.

Karim found the internet to be the perfect medium to reach the many people in need of his help and  who share his vision.

It took Karim just over a year to become established enough to finally quit his job. Di Nutrition was then born, then

another year past and Karim became the “The Healthy One” AKA “The Healthiest Guy Alive”.

Even with his relatively quick rise to success the young  phenom Karim is still passionate and looking to help/share his gifts with  the whole world.

With that in mind, Karim is determined to have an even more eventful time in the  years to come, by reaching out to even more people in need of his help whilst making sure everyone is getting the true Di Nutrition experience.

Final words 

With the right mindset, attitude and the determination to never give up, losing weight with me and my team will be done.

And although my nutritional journey/adventure was hard work, the silver lining is that with me and my teams  help it does not have to be for YOU ANYMORE!

Make sure you keep a close eye on my blogs, with all the up- to date knowledge on weight lose and Nutritional needs  including Tips, Tricks, Motivation and Strategies to get you to shed those pounds.. plus so much more.

Talk soon 😀

        We Look Up

Karim David

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