5 Reasons Why You’re Still Hungry After Eating


Have you just eaten and still feeling hungry? It can be a strange concept especially if it was a full meal! You are not alone though if it is true for you, as it is a problem among many people. So now I will break down for you the 5 reasons why you’re still hungry after eating…


You’re Skipping Breakfast- (Face Palm) It is of the utmost importance to have breakfast every single morning! Failure to do so will just be the beginning of your metabolism slowing.. (Gulp) oh yes and without the energy fuel breakfast gives you’ll just overeat later. Which I am sure you know = GAINING EXTRA WEIGHT.

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Also having breakfast that does not have high fibre and proteins will always lead to hunger even after eating other meals. Remember how important the first meal of the day really is. Start it off right with a breakfast full of proteins and fibre like oatmeal or if you don’t like cereal have some eggs.


Your Still Drinking Soda And Fruit Juice- These types of drinks are no good for you and when drinking these regularly you may “Mistake” thirst for actual hunger. Most soda also has caffeine, which can raise your metabolism (the unhealthy way) and also make you feel hungry throughout the day.

Plus, if you’re skipping meals such as breakfast beforehand, your blood sugar will need to be brought back up or you will feel hungry again. Plain and simple DRINK WATER…LOTS OF IT! It keeps you fuller for longer and its better for you.


You Didn’t get enough sleep last night- A lack of sleep can lead to over eating. Don’t do it to yourself, get the hours in. 8 hours to be precise. But more importantly do it on a consistent basis and you will feel just fine and not like you could eat out the whole of Walmart.


You See, Smell & Want The Food- As human beings we tend to eat with our senses more than our stomachs. When we smell or see food even in a photo or on telly, our mouths start to water, which stimulates our appetite. For example, you might see one of those M&S adverts and want to chow so bad, or smell freshly baked bread straight out the oven and want to buy it even though you might have just eaten.

To be honest, even if the food is laid out on the table in a buffet for example, and it is in abundance and stacked in tiers, we still tend to GRAB, EAT and REPEAT. The solution= Out of sight out of mind. Get your mind on something else, leave the room, turn off the telly. Hold your nose if you smell bread Just do what you can and the craving to eat will likely subside.


You’re Eating Too Fast- Nice and simple ‘Chew slower fill fuller’. If you have family or friends, start a conversation. Look, smell and appreciate the food you are eating. Take the time out of what ever you are doing to say “this is my time to eat now” and stop worrying and stressing about time. Stress leads to weight gain you know.

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