5 Not So Healthy Foods


We all at some point in our lives have tried going for the “healthy option” but some of them may not be what you think.

Some foods may have more calories or hidden sugar then we realise. Although the package may claim that the food is healthy, we don’t always read the labels or pay any attention to the ingredients or in general how much of it we are eating.

This can lead to eating much more than we planned, and the hidden evils may be ruining your diet.


So here are 5 foods that you may think are healthy but are anything but!


Granola– Oats & Seeds check! They are healthy ingredients, but the majority of Granola is made with added sugar and bad oils resulting in very high calories.


Fruited Yoghurt- Yoghurt is good source of calcium and protein, but many fruited yoghurts are loaded with added sugar and colourings. Instead you’re better off eating regular Yoghurt and chopping your own fruit.


Bran Muffins- You may think that bran muffins are good for your digestive system, but Starbucks Raisin bran Muffin, for example, has 400 calories and 19 grams of fat (Not Good)


Sports Drinks– You may feel that after a long work out, or an intense footy match you need a particular sports drink, but sports drinks have added sugar in them, which only add up to empty calories. Don’t be fooled, water is the best for hydration.


 Reduced Fat Peanut Butter- In order to decrease the fat in peanut butter, food manufactures remove the healthy fats and replace them with sugars and god knows what else in them. Be sure to ALWAYS READ THE LABELS!



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