5 Bad Eating Habits And How To Break Them


Mindless Eating- Brian Wansink a food psychologist discovered that the larger the plate or bowl you eat from, the more you with out knowing it consume. In one recent study that he did Wansink found that moviegoers given extra- large containers of stale popcorn still ate 45 percent more than those snacking on fresh popcorn out of a smaller containers holding the exact same amount.

Break out- You should eat from smaller dishes. Swap (or even smash the large ones if your tempted) for a smaller dish and you should never eat straight from a container or package as you will end up eating a lot more than intended, and I find when sharing out the food from the container it gives you more time to think about your next move rather than tunnel vision and just wolfing it down straight from the container or package.


Endless snacking- Here is a bad habit many of us are guilty of: Snacking round the clock, often on high calorie foods that are full of empty carbs. I find that this is not just a problem for adults it is for kids too. Infact kids are snacking more and more often on unhealthy junk food including salty chips, soda and candy.

Break out- Keep only healthy snacks period, such as hummus, carrots, cucumber slices, nuts and almonds. And that includes at work don’t stock your desk with potato chips or cookies you know you can’t resist.


Skipping Breakfast- Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, but with so many other task competing for your attention, you may decide you don’t have the time to eat. When you skip meals, your metabolism begins to slow, Breakfast gives you that boost of energy you need to take on your day. Without this fuel, you will overeat later. Which then leads to you gaining extra weight.

Break out- pre plan your breakfast for the next morning, that way it’s a quick grab and go if you are really stuck for time to seat and eat. But I find a lot has to do with life style choices for e.g what time you go to sleep at night, going to bed earlier by and hour or 2 from your original bed time may give you the time to actually sit down and eat your breakfast without having to rush because you have only 1 hour to get to work in (Just a thought)


Emotional Eating- So you had a bad day at the office, and when you get home, you open up the fridge and eat a lot of food in a short space of time… not a good diet strategy. Its is well known that both positive and negative emotions can cause people to eat more than they should, an easy weight- loss stumbling block

Break out- Find a new stress buster, if your stressed at work, when you get home, take a walk instead get some fresh air, or take up a new hobby of interest to get your mind away from the ordeal of the work place.


Too Many Hours On Video games & TV- If your just sitting in front of a screen watching tv or playing video games, with out proper control on having a regular break time you are going to put on weight.

Break out- Take frequent breaks when your in front of the computer get up and walk around the room or office every 15 to 30 minutes. When the workday or your favourite TV show ends, remember to carefully monitor what you consume to you don’t want to overstuff yourself.



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