4 Ways To Eat Healthy


Keeping healthy food in sight– I am a firm believer in doing this, as you’ll automatically eat better if you keep healthy foods within reach.

If the healthy foods are already there you don’t have to think about it and look for it, you’re more likely to choose it over something else that is further away or not even in the kitchen yet!

Another tip is to keep Fruits and Vegetables in a bowl on the table or the main shelf in the fridge, if you leave it in the bottom cupboard and out of sight, deliberate or not it will be out of mind (mold and dust springs to mind)


Convenience – This plays a big part in your food decisions. Buy pre-cut or pre-washed or spend a few minutes portioning them into smaller packages so its more of a grab and go situation.

It takes the work out of having to cut up fruits and vegetables every day or measuring out a serving of Hummus, as I know how much that can put people off from eating well.

So I would say for your convenience purchase healthy foods that are pre prepared when necessary.


Size Matters- Have a watchful eye on the things you use to eat, like plates, forks, bowls and even containers. The bigger they are, the more food you can fit on them to eat. Switch to using smaller plates and utensils which means, you will need less food to fill them up.


Plan ahead- Making decisions on the fly with no real plan means only one-thing failure. Don’t make it tough on yourself or even tougher on your stomach grumbling.

Know you’re going out to eat later? Take a glance at the restaurants menu online ahead of time for e.g. and think about what you’ll order. Knowing the healthier options in advance helps keep the impulsive decisions at bay which for most of my readers is JUNK (BAD)




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