3 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Many normal weight people have the metabolic problems associated with obesity. This is because the fat under the skin is actually not that big of a problem at least not from a health standpoint; it is however a problem for cosmetic reasons.

It’s the fat in the abdominal cavity, the belly fat that is the bigger issue. If you have a lot of excess fat around your waistline, even if your not very big, then you should take the time and go through the steps to get rid of it. Belly fat is normally estimated by measuring around the waist with a tape measure.

Anything above 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women is known as abdominal obesity.

Here are 3 proven ways to lose belly fat.

Eating Protein Long-Term To Reduce Belly Fat- Protein is the most important when it comes to losing weight. It has been shown to reduce cravings by up to 60%, boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day and help you eat up to 441 fewer calories per day.

I know you are probably reading this because you want to reach your weight loss goal, then I would say adding protein to your diet is perhaps the single most effective change you can make.
Not only will it help you lose… it can also help you avoid re-gaining in the first place!

I read a study in from Denmark and it showed that protein, especially animal protein, was linked to significant reduced risk of belly fat gain over a period of 5 years. This same study showed that refined carbs and vegetable oils were linked to increased amounts of belly fat, but fruits and vegetables linked to reduced amounts.

So basically, make a really big effort to increase your intake of Eggs, Fish, Seafood, Meats, Poultry and dairy products. These are the best protein sources in the diet.

Bonus Tip: Vegetarians’ example of what you can eat instead of meat: Nuts and Seeds, Ricotta Cheese, canned Yellow Corn, dried Apricot, Oats… All the foods mentioned are from different food sources and an example of what I consider some of the best food sources to get your protein without eating meat. Of course there is so much more than that available for you to choose from.

Eat Food Rich In Fibre- Eating a lot of this can really help you with your weight loss goals. Eating high fibre foods/ water rich foods like Vegetable soups, fruits, salads and vegetables instead of foods without fibre and water, you can eat the same weight of food but feel full on fewer calories.

Eating Fibre is great thing to do first thing in the mornings too, eat cereals such as Oats to get the full benefits first thing. Though I would like to mention that no one fibre is perfect, so I would suggest you eat a wide variety of fibres to gain better health benefits of fibre.
Its not just your waist that trims either with a fibre rich diet you also reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and constipation.

Bonus Tip: When adding fibre, take it slow as eating too much fibre straight away can leave you bloated and give you gas. Your body needs time to adapt. Also whilst increasing your fibre intake you should be drinking more liquid too.

Aerobic Exercise- Exercise is important for many reasons. It is one of the best things you can do if you want to live a long and healthy life, and avoid diseases.
Working out is very effective when looking to lose belly fat. But keep in mind I am talking about whole body workouts not just the topic of this article which is the stomach (for work out terms, Abdominals).

Spot reduction (losing fat in one spot) is a myth and not possible, and doing endless amounts of crunches will not make you lose fat from the belly.
This is why Aerobic exercises like Walking, Running, Swimming etc. have been shown to cause major reductions in belly fat. Exercise also leads to reduced inflammation and blood sugar levels.

Bonus  Tip: JUST DO IT!

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