White Bread v Brown Bread – Which Is Best When Trying To Lose Weight?

A slice of white bread seems to be very popular and is eaten widely across western households, but as some of you may know it is particularly unhealthy to put in your body.


Did you know that to make it they strip the wheat grain so there is almost no nutrients and fibre? They BLEACH it (that’s right) BLEACH it with toxic chlorine dioxide, potassium bromate or benzoyl peroxide (not great).


While some fats eaten with a big carbohydrate meal may be stored as well, it’s the refined high glycemic foods like white bread that stimulate insulin production the most, leading to the optimal conditions for weight gain.


So what’s the difference between White Bread & Brown Bread?

Most white bread that is made from refined wheat flour gives you absolutely nothing for your body and in fact not only is it a premier weight gain food, you’ll actually require more enzymes, vitamins and minerals from other foods you eat just to deal with digesting it.


So taking this all into account, it would make sense to switch to brown bread or multigrain if we are looking to lose weight in the best possible way right? I’m afraid not.  There are a lot of gluten grains, and gluten causes an immune response in the digestive area to susceptible individuals. which can cause digestive issues, pain, bloating, tiredness and other symptoms.

What About Whole Bread? 

 Whole wheat bread, if you can get your hands on it, is much healthier option. whole wheat bread is made with the wheat germ and the bran included and to my knowledge is not as heavily processed or full of chemical additives as most commercial loaves are. Its higher fibre content helps to slow down  digestion and therefore its effect on your blood sugar and levels of fat storing insulin shouldn’t be as bad.




3  Top Alternatives 


1. Rye Bread- While it’s a little harder to find on supermarket shelves when dominated by processed versions, rye bread is usually much less refined and the healthier choice. It is much higher in fibre than even whole wheat bread! And tends to fill you up to satisfy than some of those bakery goods that people eat. 

Key Point: Rye bread is much better for both lowering your risk of developing diabetes and for those who are already living with it. This is down to the gentler effect it has on the blood sugar and its good levels of minerals like magnesium. Rye bread like this has much richer, nutty, flavour, can help you lose weight and will keep your energy levels much more stable than white bread. If giving up bread is to hard for you than stick to rye adn you’re good. 


2. Spelt Bread- This grain is a cousin of wheat with a nutty flavour and a better range of nutrients. Because spelt hasn’t been subjected to the same kind of crossbreed as wheat has, it is rarely reported to cause allergies and intolerances which is another bonus, even for those people who are very sensitive to regular bread. Just like rye, spelt bread is usually higher in fibre than regular wheat bread and has a good range of minerals like phosphorus and magnesium, copper and natural vitamins such as niacin and thiamine.  

 Key point: Bread made from spelt is likely to be the most similar to wheat bread for people looking to make a healthier change with out going too far from the texture and taste they’re used to. You can find them as specialty bakeries or health stores and freeze them for a regular supply. 


3. Wheat Free-Breads- Many wheat free breads are a blend of grains like spelt and rye mixed with other healthier grains such as Oats, Barley, Millet and even Quinoa.  

Key Point: It is worth checking that they are whole grain breads and low on additives with chemical names, but generally theses type of breads provide a much healthier option that will fill you up, be less likely  to lead to weight gain, have much more nutritional value and promote better overall health and energy. 



Bottom Line- Anyone that has digestive issues or is somehow affected by the western diet should eliminate bread and other sources of gluten grains. I would say that if you are looking to lose weight and can resist eating bread, then don’t eat it as you will be better off, but as I said above, if you can’t it is not the end of the world. Just eat the three top alternatives instead. 









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