The Things You Should Know About Frying


Today it’s all about frying, as I’ve been asked so many times to talk about it. Down below I will cover the most stirring questions about frying, plus you will learn the things you should know about frying.



What is Frying? – Frying includes cooking food in a large amount of fat (typically that would be oil) , at a high temperature. There are many different styles to fry such as…

Deep Frying: this style makes the food totally submerge in huge amounts of oil and sometimes fat for it to cook, in mostly extreme temperatures.

Pan Frying: Pan frying is cooking the food in a shallow pan, but only using very small amounts of oil.

Sautéing: Sautéing is a way of frying at speed, as you rapidly cook the food in hot oil in again, a shallow pan.

Searing: For searing you put the food on a extremely hot surface with oil to quicken the surface you are cooking on.



Frying popularity- Frying is very popular way of preparing food because it’s fast and the actual skin has coating which maintains a seal, which then leads to the insides remaining on the whole moist.

In a lot of people’s minds it also makes the food taste nicer. However, not all foods that are popular, as you may know, are necessarily  good for you, plus not all foods are appropriate for frying either.



What Do You Mean?- Fish for example; the fatty fish type are the best source for omega- 3 fatty acids, which have big health benefits. These types of fats are prone to damage at very high temperatures.

Another example is frying with such trash like Vegetable oils (Click Here)  which is detrimental to your health.



So If You’re Going To Fry Your Food- One – make sure you do not overcook it, and two – use the healthiest oils when frying (Click Here) .



I really enjoyed answering your questions, and teaching you the things you should know about frying!

If you would like me to cover anything specific then let me know below

Any other questions or your thoughts on this is always welcome



      Until next time Ciao 🙂

     We Look Up??


 Karim David   

– The Healthy One




86 Responses to “The Things You Should Know About Frying”

  1. Darien Manellas says:

    I fry frequently so this has been a major help for me. Thank you so much!

  2. John Johnston says:

    We can have chip butties????….omg I wish

  3. Miles Nicolis says:

    I see a different style today, nice pic too 🙂

  4. Yardan Khadra says:

    Thanks this has sorted out my confusion 🙂

  5. Lua Gui says:

    This was a real shock to me! I thought I was using the correct oils, thank you so much for correcting me.

  6. Liese Coussement says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.

  7. Zhou Kong says:

    Very true! This is very nice of you.

  8. Elliot Hunt says:

    Enjoying everything this site has to offer, it’s like I know so much about eating right now!

    • 1didieci says:

      I’m so happy to hear this Elliot… It’s comments like this that our priceless! thank you for the support too 🙂

  9. Yen Yuan says:

    I could not find much on this topic, so happy I have more than expected 🙂

  10. Bryan Leroy says:

    I only use coconut oil for frying. Sometimes some butter, but that’s more to finish off what I cooked (example, frying liver in coconut oil, but adding butter when it’s done and stirring it around to melt to add flavor).

  11. Samuel Chan says:

    I didn’t think this would apply to me boy was I wrong! Thank you for informing me.

  12. Arthur Barnes says:

    Thanks for this Karim! Those are useful I didn’t know most of these methods until I read it here.

  13. Bo Meirong says:

    All this time I thought vegetable oil was healthy, I’m shocked.

  14. Kou Shunyuan says:

    I’ve been thinking of ways to make my fried foods healthier today. Thanks for the tips.

  15. Li Li says:

    This very handy as I fry almost all of my food 🙂

  16. Jack Thomas says:

    Never knew how crooked these products could be, this was an eyeopener cheers mate.

  17. Jayden Walsh says:

    Good tips bro 🙂

  18. Fan Jaw-Long says:

    This has been very useful tool to teach my young daughter about her health.She is a fanatic when it comes to health, and she always comes here 🙂

  19. Chao Yunru says:

    Great content Karim you always have the best tips!

  20. Azhar Shan says:

    I was unaware of all these oils that are bad for my health here. Thank you for spreading truth my friend.

  21. Yan Chi says:

    Good post Karim.

  22. Ping Hoon says:

    I loved this thank you very much for the advice.

  23. John Eshkol says:

    I don’t really fry much but still worth the read kudos to you sir 🙂

  24. Daciano Cieri says:

    I’m going to be using the healthiest oils from now on 🙂

  25. Everett Weaver says:

    My cousins family eats alot of deep fried food and his kids are extremely overweight because of it.

  26. Cody Sutton says:

    We use to have a little fryer, but gave it up a long time ago. It’s too much mess and too unhealthy to mess with.

  27. Demi Wallace says:

    I used to work at KFC and that’s what this picture reminded me of lol it made me think of when the cooks would put fries or apple pies down in the oil.

  28. Carolyn Park says:

    I really try to not fry anything because I know when I do my stomach is gonna pay for it.

  29. Melech Hagos says:

    I sauté foods quite often.

  30. Zeng Xing says:

    Not a fan of this way of cooking.

  31. Lai Chi says:

    pro tips thank you Karim.

  32. Jennifer Burns says:

    I never make fried food at home, since I cook for one.

  33. Ogata Roku says:

    Thank you for always providing something new for me to know and learn about 🙂

  34. Török Ákos says:

    I fry often with the wrong oils as well.

  35. Jian Tengfei says:

    Great site my friend keep it up!

  36. Marzio Armata says:

    I still eat a couple onion rings from time to time 😉 It’s a struggle to eat healthy overall for me, I try to stay around the 1,200 calories a day mark, but it”s not easy.

  37. Scott Keith says:

    I’m Scottish so everything we eat is deep fried, pizza even Mars bars and butter lol.

  38. Guust van Nee says:

    I sautee vegetables and fry meats in olive oil every single day. It’s one of the constant staples of my diet.
    I find that half a tablespoon at about 60 calories is more than enough to get the job done.

  39. Dolf van der Bundt says:

    Great article Karim! I would like a post about sleep with some more tips on it.

  40. Tamir Kouiret says:

    This had me going for a bit until I read it properly, excellent advice 🙂

  41. Hashim Hamidou says:

    I used the oils you recommend for eid thanks brother 🙂

  42. Frankie Adams says:

    I love Justin Bieber

  43. Reece Ball says:

    Thanks for debunking these oils, it was starting to get confusing.

  44. John Berry says:

    Great content as always dude.

  45. Joel Thomsen says:

    Thanks for this Karim, I had been struggling to find this information on google.

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