No More Junk Food


Today Message Is From Holly Stokes Which I absolutely love, Talking About Having No More Junk Food.

Enjoy 🙂

We Look Up

54 Responses to “No More Junk Food”

  1. Tomas Gaona says:

    I like what she’s saying about energy.

  2. Moises Illescas says:

    Very motivating.

  3. Stojan Paszkiewicz says:

    She seems odd but it was the truth.

  4. Cassius Weiss says:

    Great find Karim 🙂

  5. Hannah Sutton says:

    No more.. It’s so difficult though 🙁

  6. Zhi Lai says:

    This woman is crazy.

  7. Alexzander Richmond says:

    😃 😄❤️

  8. Christiaan Rebel says:

    I like this very much.

  9. Aafke Boshoeve says:

    I agree with holly no more junk food.

  10. Cameron George says:

    This is a cool video.

  11. Elin Mejia says:

    This is ❤️

  12. Isaac Manson says:

    She’s not wrong!

  13. Vavřinec Jílek says:

    This video.

  14. Isko Mäkilä says:

    Very good

  15. Nino Guirguis says:

    Love the message!

  16. Hussein Samaha says:

    Holly makes a valid point about good and bad energy here. I really need re-evaluate my group of friends.

  17. Davino Patron says:

    She seems really down to earth.

  18. Bhaga Behl says:

    This was a super find 🙂

  19. Andrew Newman says:

    I agree but I’m not a fan of mediation.

  20. Patrick Hughes says:

    Brilliant video.

  21. Yves Fouché says:

    Meditation I love to do everyday ❤️

  22. Dudas Barnabas says:

    We need more people like the two of you!

  23. Paul Xiang says:

    Holly’s right no more junk food.

  24. Illés Flórián says:

    All about the energy I love this women 🙂

  25. William Elkjær says:

    I’m motivated to move around more and look after myself more now. YOLO as they say 🙂

  26. Leron Pipps says:

    Great advice.

  27. Yun Hoon says:

    Good Video.

  28. Michelle Sadoul says:


  29. Boje Damgaard says:

    I love this video 🙂

  30. Richard Boutin says:

    All I want is good energy I like it!

  31. Danni Olsen says:

    I want to be able to say this in the future, right now I’m only 50% there.

  32. Chloe Allman says:

    I have to agree with Holly, work is not everything in life.

  33. Jo Chaddock says:

    ✂️ It all out now I’m currently using your meal plan.
    I feel so much healthier and happier 🙂

    • 1didieci says:

      🙂 I’m very happy to hear that Jo.This is what it’s all about health and happiness… We Look Up 大

  34. Benedict Mensing says:

    💯 Because of you I’m now Studying and taking action everyday on my health.

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