Is Juicing Worth It ?

Juicing is touted as a way to cleanse your body and to look and feel better. The juices are typically sold between $4 to $10 dollars is it really worth it?


Juicing Pros

Fresh juices get their ingredients with minimal processing. Drinking fresh juice is a quicker and easier way to incorporate loads of different fruits and vegetables into your diet and to take in a healthy dose of essential vitamins and minerals. The juices are also raw, meaning they’re in the most natural form, with no preservatives or unknown ingredients. The only processing you will see is when the produce makes it way through the juicer itself.


Juicing Cons  

While drinking fresh juice is a great way and an easier way to quickly get the necessary nutrients, it does not make it better as you will most certainly miss out on the fibre found in the whole fruits for one, and in the vegetables.

Considering doing a juice cleanse?

You’ll not only be missing out on fibre, you’ll also be cutting out protein and other important nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Also, depending on the ingredients (and size of the drink), that seemingly light and healthy drink can be (WILL BE) heavy in calories and sugar.



You have seen the pros and the cons and it is up to you now to decide what works best for you in your current situation. If you decide not to juice there is nothing you are really missing out on if you are already eating whole fruit and vegetables. If you are not and see Juicing as viable option for your lifestyle then two things:


  • Read the nutritional label


  • Look for juices that are lower in sugar and calories.


If you want to juice at home, think about what you’re putting in to the blender. Green juices and other juices made up of mainly vegetables are a much better choice. They are lower in sugar and calories compared to juices made up of mainly fruit. In my opinion, using a lot of fruit in your juices is a dangerous game, as too much will have more sugar, so I would advise to use vegetables over fruit when juicing.



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