How To Lose Weight & Never Find It Again



A raise of hands to anyone who wants to lose weight and then gain it all back again?  Or better still, gain even more weight than what they first started with??


…… ok no one ?

In the health industry we seem to be able to get individuals to temporarily lose some weight. But then in a matter of months it’s like the game “It” where the other person chasing you is really fast and always catches you, but worse because you regain all the weight plus excess.

What we’re witnessing in the health industry and in the wider world, is people getting fatter whilst dishonest so called experts get richer.

Healthy eating is very simple, though what is simple for many always seems to be the hardest thing of all to do. The health industry has not helped with some very strange and confusing dieting fads & trends.

If you add this to the fact that many people are always in search of some sort of secret or shortcut in life… you know, the easy way out… It’s little wonder you keep getting juked, let alone with healthy eating.

This is why I’ll only give you ways for you to lose the weight and be assured you’ll never gain it back again. This is the difference between Nutrition & Di Nutrition. Which is like the difference between night & day, chalk & cheese and life and death…. This is why we started all this in the first place to make a difference (Click Here)

Here we go! ?

Why You Should Eat Healthy?-  In short because that’s what food is… healthy, real food that is natural and not GMO AKA (Genetically modified).

There’s no two ways about it you’re either eating food or you’re eating poison that will affect you in many areas of your life.

Also you’ll find that if you look at the causes of deaths in for e.g. America (Click Here) the top three are serious diseases due to poor eating habits.

Whereas eating real food can reduce your chances of ever having to deal with such serious diseases like heart disease & cancer, which are the world’s leading killers (Click Here) .

Eating real food to the extent it becomes a lifestyle change will be one for the better, as it will improve all aspects of your life such as: Physical body both in and out along with performances & Brain function.

This is exactly why if you are into sports eating real food will help raise performance levels to new heights. Lastly without (touch wood) any fatal accidents happening to you, you are more than likely going to live a much longer & fruitful life… running at 95 sounds neat to me!




Foods To Eat- First make sure they are wholesome foods. Second get rid of all the processed food you have left, so you are not tempted. “Out of sight out of mind” springs to mind.

Ok onto the foods you should be eating. This is all the food groups you should be eating if you are serious about losing and never gaining the weight back again below:

Fruit & Vegetables

Meat & Fish  

Nuts & Seeds



Beans & Legumes


Herbs & Spices

DID YOU KNOW: Want a list of what types of foods to eat from within these food groups? Here are the top 40 foods you really must eating if you never want to stress over gaining weight again (Click Here).



Foods Poisons Not To Eat – By taking action on this value given, you will of course decrease your intake of unhealthy poisons you’re used to consuming.

I’m a firm believer that these poison groups should not just be avoided; they should be eliminated forever.

Some may argue and say what about special occasions?   Here lies the underlying problem… there is nothing special about assisting to your own death, unless you have a desperate urge to make it to the other side ASAP… is this your “special occasion” ? Here are the poison groups below:


Sugar: Now this includes fizzy drinks, fruit juice drinks & any other foods  poisons  that are high in sugar. If you continue to take these poisons you may end up with type 2 diabetes and you will for sure end up obese (Click Here).


Vegetable Oils: Why do they call it vegetable oil when there is no vegetable in it ? ? They taking you for a ride that’s why (Click Here).


Trans Fats: AKA hydrogenated fats, time and time again has been linked to serious diseases, the main one being heart disease.


Redefine Grains:  Foods such as white bread are high in redefine grains and will raise your chances of becoming obese and getting Metabolic syndrome = Diabetes,  high blood pressure and obesity, strokes etc all combined in one.


Anything That Says Low- Fat In Big Writing: This cannot be trusted; they are tricking you because any food product that has to boast about that is always concealing something!

In most cases It is for the fact that yes it is low in fat, but what they didn’t put at the front of the  label was that the reason why is because it contains lot’s of added sugar to make you more unhealthy and sick… but they’ll lie and say it’s to make it taste better ?  This is why I always say read the back of the labels… but most people don’t know how, I can  show you (Click Here).




Energy Spent On Calories – For a while now the importance of calories has been downplayed. I can see why as calorie counting is not always needed, and in general it was unhealthily obsessed over.

Total calories we intake still plays a major role in health for losing or gaining weight, I’m sure you’ve heard of this simple process of: First if you eat more calories than your burn, you’ll store them as muscle or body fat… it all depends on the quality of what you are eating. Second if you consume fewer calories than you burn each day, you will lose weight.

So therefore to reach your goal of losing weight for it to never been seen again you must… burn more than you consume, if however you want to gain weight and increase muscle mass… you need to eat more than you burn.



Workout- It’s not just all about what you eat, although the food you eat is king… or queen.

Before anything else you must make sure you have had a great night’s sleep (Click Here) as this is just as important as the food that you eat, as it will prevent the risk of disease.

To workout though will really improve your overall health both physically and mentally. This will become a big boost overall in the long term, you’ll enjoy life a lot more too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Gym, Team / Individual sport, Yoga or even going for walks in the park… get going today and make the first real- serious step to achieving what you’ve wanted for so long  to lose weight and never find it again.

I would like to add though that you should really work on getting a better night’s sleep consistently! I know a lot of you will ignore this but the truly serious people who have had enough and have reached breaking point… the  whatever it takes  Di1’s will lap this up and be better off for it?? (Click Here)

DID YOU KNOW: You can also workout at home here’s a video to work out on now (Click Here)    


How Do You Sustain This?- By having a strong “WHY” and to understand that this is not for the short term or long term… this is for life.

If your why is not very strong and if you see this as a quick fix solution, then I will not help you.

It would be like banging my head against a brick wall or trying to get a goldfish to remember my name…it’s not going to happen, and you’ll remain unhealthy & unhappy.

I would love to think that if you have made it this far into it you’d be the type of person that would be the opposite of that, positive vibes and all.

I like to focus my time and energy on people who really want this like they want oxygen to breathe….  Sponges are cool also, who absorb everything in and take action on it.

What separates Di Nutrition from everyone is that we’re not in favour of any balancing acts; we don’t want to see you do tightrope above your grave… neither do we want to see you juggle between real food and poisons ones.



Personally that would mean I’m not taking your health very seriously at all to advise you to do that, but also would go against my philosophy (Click Here).

So with that being said the best way for me to help you over the long term to achieve your weight loss goals (never to find it again) and for you to actually stay on track and do this is to join my coaching programs (Click Here)

This will ensure once you’ve lost the weight you’ll never find it again, as…

One: I will personally help you one to one, most big companies are far too busy and send the monkey to go help you out.

Two: you’ll actually learn something so that you too can share it with family and loved ones, not be in a forever cycle of dependence on… anyone.

Three: There is no other coaching program out there like this that actually cares for you, really  doesn’t want to see you again (well at least not in a help I need to lose weight I don’t know what to do situation) and can ensure that you’ll never find your weight back again once you’ve lost it.

That simple! Let’s get it together and say goodbye to this fat forever (Click Here)




I really enjoyed sharing with you how to lose weight and never find it again!

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What are your weight loss goals ?

What topic would you like to me to write about next?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

     We Look Up 大


Karim David

-The Healthy One

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    Refreshing and positive message here Karim.

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    I need to hear this today. thanks so much !

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    Better shit then Dr. Oz 🙂

  5. Ruth Edwards says:

    This is very helpful to me and my husband; we are in our 80’s and are a tad overweight. Your coaching plan is very appealing to us indeed.

  6. Ivonne Hernandez says:

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    This is amazing content dude, you’ve really pushed me to take my health seriously and to set goals for my self.

    I’ll be signing up real soon man I’m so pumped up! 🙂

  11. Kevin Jenting says:

    I am a stress eater. I need to get into a low-stress mindset before I can effectively lose weight. This is my biggest uphill climb. Would you be able to help me then?

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    Your meal plan is the bomb thank you sir.

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    Spectacular article we need more people like you.

  14. Kenny Wales says:

    I am not actually looking fat but I DO really have a fat waist that I always want to reduce. Most of the fats of my body goes to the waist. Because of health and other reasons, I want to have weight loss, for my waist in particular Can you help me please.

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    Should you take diet pills if you have heart problems ?

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  41. Sandra Breslau says:

    Hey Karim I took your suggestion on getting myself a diary that time.

    The diary I have is about my weight loss journey, my ups and downs but also what I eat during a day.

    01/05/2016)Is when I first started and already am feeling a difference (along with some weight loss already ?

    My goal is lose 30kg or more. I’ve been lacking motivation this month.

    Now I feel it’s best if I join your coaching program as I need you more than ever right now, this was a wonderful post btw.

    • 1didieci says:

      Wow ?? not many people would have even attempt to start one, so I’m very happy you’ve taking a massive step that will help you in the long run. Yeah I understand the fall tends to do this to people, but you where wise enough to seek the antidote (That’s me btw!) ? Thank you for your kind words about my post & Sandra I’m ready when you are let’s get it! We Look Up 大

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    My weight loss goals are wrapped around getting more serious about them. I’ve been taking action on your advice for months now, what I’m understanding finally is that this is not temporary measure or any sort of diet this is a Lifestyle change for a better life.

    • 1didieci says:

      Absolutely Ornella I’m glad you’ve made this personal breakthrough in the mind… now it’s time for the body ?? We Look Up 大

  43. Uh Ujin says:

    I really wanted to disagree with you but I can’t ?

  44. Angela Jones says:

    Hi! I am 33 years old and I was lost on how to loose weight effectively. I felt like I had good control over my weight until I broke my knee last November. During my recovery period of 6 months I put on over 40 pounds! I felt really depressed although 4 months of recovery I was regularly exercising within my limits I was given. I finally got back to work which consist of 9-16 hour days with 60% of the time on my feet. I only lost 1 or 2 pounds within the 1st month.

    Unfortunately I broke my hip/femur 2 weeks ago and am back to not being allowing to bear any weight and am pretty much bed bound. I was terrified I am going to gain anymore weight.So after I’d finished sobbing for hours I came across this article, and I’ve never had so much hope and belief in myself for years! I can do everything that you wrote in time, and even though I will bed bound I’ve now got the top 40 foods which will prevent me from gaining. I’ll be watching what I eat very closely and try to move around the house as much as I can. Thank you for your advice it’s really motivates me 🙂

  45. Noah Witting says:

    I’m still a newbie at this weight loss and I’m trying not to go too crazy with it all at once, but I welcome the encouragement and tips for starting out.


  46. Simone Frontino says:

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    I totally agree, still trying to find exercise I like. I need to mix it up or I get bored.

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  49. Saira Mourad says:

    Hi Karim,

    I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching after being reading this, and I started wondering – each time I start the weight loss journey, what really drives me to do it?

    I think I’ve been telling myself for so long that I’m doing this for myself, to get fit, to achieve that overall sense of well-being etc… but am I really doing it for me?

    And if not, is it ok to have a more ‘superficial’ goal, ie fitting into a wedding dress, looking good at a big event, catching the eye of a guy etc, where the heart of your goal isn’t actually your health?

    I have good medical reasons to lose weight (liver issues) yet this isn’t sufficient to get me off my butt and get moving! When I ask myself honestly, the real driver is this perception that I have a much hotter, healthier boyfriend than me and I just want to be beautiful for him. How shameful and sad!

    • 1didieci says:

      Good question Saira! Everyone is different… and if right now you’ve been kidding yourself about your “Why” and you’ve now figured out what really drives you this can only be a good thing. It’s better to be moved by something than nothing at all, so that’s the positive that you should always remember to take away from that.

      You currently don’t have a boyfriend and have a perception of one for motivation, I’m happy you shared that with me not many would face to face to their family’s or friends let alone online for all to read 🙂

      What you should do is start doing the things you want from this dream guy yourself, and what I mean is all the qualities, traits and activities he does you should get into them too.

      This way you are bound to bump into this guy just out of the fact that you share the same interest’s and activities as they do…. and tbh just me thinking about this deeper as it’s a figure of your imagination right now it’s most likely a lot of things you really want to do yourself but have yet to do out of fear, worry or delay 😉

      I’m very grateful you shared this with me Saira, oh lastly “Your last words where how shameful and sad!” not at all love yourself, embrace who you are and how your mind works… I hope that helps 🙂

  50. Franjo Kokot says:

    Yea I got it, thanks. Thanks for giving out the foods you personally suggest. because I can see you understand a lot about it.

  51. Vito Nardiello says:

    Great job here it’s very nice, the poisons on here I had some so I put in bin and now will focus on healthy food that is good for me.

  52. Zacharie Morin says:

    This was my complaint about Herbalife they have zero care about their customers health! It’s all about the money with them. Yet I’ve seen nothing like this or Herbal life services that can compare to yours.

    I’ve been spreading the word about Di Nutrition. I believe in the message you are sending out,and thank you for helping me lose weight and never find it again 🙂

    • 1didieci says:

      Zach I hope all is well! thank you for believing in me / spreading the word I appreciate that so much, your truly a legit Di1 for sure ?

      The herbalife stuff I thank you for letting me know how you feel about them, it comes as no surprise to me that their services do not match up to my own… Di Nutrition Is the greatest after all.

  53. Barnard Orry says:

    Hey Karim I thought this was very honest assessment and the tips are very helpful.

  54. Bhubaneswar Sekhar says:

    No more diets for me I’m getting coached 😉

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    I think you’ve been too honest for your own good 🙁

  58. Shyu Jing says:

    Thanks so much for all the advice it really has helped.

    My veg intake has increased and Ive reduced my portion sizes a little at a time. Im drinking more water.

    99% of my meals are homecooked fresh. Lots of veg soup and stew bologneis.

    I can only eat apples and bananas so eat them after each meal.

    Thanks again Karim

    My weight started at 15.3 approx 9 months ago, I’m now 10.2 and not feeling too bad on it. I just cant wait to buy a smaller dress size.

    All I need to do now is get motivated for some harder Exercises!!!!

    • 1didieci says:

      Shyu the pleasure was all mine… a true example of a model Di1 is thank you! Congratulations you’ve been killing it, I notice your confidence has grown in abundance… & I’m so proud and happy for you We Look Up 大 ??

  59. Charlotte Hagmann says:

    I love your powerful analogy’s they get me to think deeply?

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    • 1didieci says:

      Cool glad to hear it, thank you for sharing with me what you’d like to see me write about next…. I do think it only seems right to do a Halloween one next, tis the season for all that 🙂

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    This is a strong reminder to me that I must not forget why I started.

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    It is crazy that most of us find ourselves doing certain habits that can have a serious effect on how are body looks. We look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “what can am I doing wrong?”. It is interesting to see what some of the latest weight loss research has been uncovering about the human body. That what seems like a simple non-harmful habit can really be so negative for our bodies, without us even knowing it.

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    all because of your help, I’ve still got more to lose but I’ve done more than I ever thought possible this quickly.

    And I am blooming HAPPY 🙂

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    My dinners are much improved now since I went on your meal plan for 30 days. I would love to join your coaching program very soon 🙂

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    Cool article dude. This motivated me to sign up to your list, and to join your coaching program at a later date (Saving up lol)

    • 1didieci says:

      Sick man Joseph, I’m glad it motivated you… really excited to work with you now after reading this, enjoy the weekend 🙂

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    Very unusually but that’s why it stands out it 🙂

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    This really opened up my eyes to the bigger picture. Since reading this I’ve eaten fruit,vegetables, fish,drank water everyday.

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