How To Have A Better Relationship With Food

We hear a lot about relationships with family, friends and partners, but as whole don’t care a lot about our relationship with food. Like any other relationship it must be cared for worked on daily for it to stand any chance of surviving long term.

Eating is something that is unavoidable if you are looking to live a long life anyway, more to the point eating healthy… time and time again it has been shown if you neglect your relationship with food, you will pay the price of sickness then followed by death. You only have to look at the volume of celebrity passing’s this year, and find out how they passed.. most of it was due to poor health choices that unfortunately took them away.

Rightly so we mourn these people who have lost their lives, then we say how sad it was to lose them, Then the same people who said this end up doing what the deceased did and fall ill and then die (due to poor health) and then it just repeats itself like a bad dream turned nightmare… when are you going to break this cycle for yourself ? Has this year not shown you already how important your relationship with your food is ?

It doesn’t matter if you have an eating disorder, or you’re in good shape and just peeking through at the mirror of Erised… what’s that ? (Click Here) You can still learn how to have a healthy and positive relationship with food and that can help you to stop under-eating, overeating and just being happy with where you are and who you are right now.

So without further ado I would now like to share with you some tips that can really help you have a better relationship with food.


Forget About Diets- They simply don’t work as you may be aware of the whole “Dieting industry” is a multi-billion dollar global industry. What a disgrace that is as we are not as a whole getting any slimmer. The obesity rate has reached an all time high globally, and whilst you keep buying all those pills, powders and god knows what else… those fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank.

Instead if you decided that you want to eat better, make it so it’s for the rest of your life, it makes no sense to only do it for a period of time  and then spend the remainder ill and just being carted in and out of hospital.. Who really wants’ that for their future?

Again we can learn from what has gone before us, it’s happened too many times where people who decided to go on a diet (Aka Eat good for little bit)  and then gain all the weight back again.

If you are truly serious about your goals when it comes to this, you will forget about diets, and make your relationship with food a priority. Just like all the people who download my meal plan do, which they only had to do for 30 days but most now email me and say that  they now eat this all year round (Click Here)

So the point here is until you turn this into a lifestyle, you’re going to do either one of two things… one: A sucker to the dieting industry buying everything they sell you, whilst only getting bigger and sicker. Two: You give up. Keep on  making excuses and then years later, when you’re told you will die, take action… then it’s the luck of the draw if you live or not, living that “fingers crossed” mentality is a poor one.


Eat A Variety Of Natural Foods- This is the one, honestly, if you are eating fresh foods often and not eating processed/ limiting processed food then you are on the right path to a good relationship with food.

The amount of vitamins and nutrients you will receive are second to none, your body will thank you also.  The mind too, as you will know that you are eating well, you will feel and be much better, which in turn builds most of your so much needed confidence. You can get these from Fruits & Vegetables of course – anything that grows from the tree or the ground!


Find Healthy Ways to Manage Stress- There are so many ways to combat against stress.. going out for walks, running, hitting the gym, take up dance classes, soul cycle, yoga, meditation or just working on being more present in life. Whatever you choose it must be practiced, because it is a skill and  going back to let’s say, binge eating or any of the poor habits will do you no good.


Seek Support- Is this not why you are here? There is ton of information at your disposal… don’t just read this and then do nothing, read this and then apply what you are learning and that starts by you taking action!

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment on the particular post, email my support team (Click Here) , tweet me @1dieci ect.

I would hate for you to be suffering in silence, I’m more than happy to help all of you get to your health/weight loss goals, so long as you are serious and are willing to take action (Or it’s a waste of both our time, right?) 

I don’t advise you to go to a doctor, this is a underlying problem I see a lot of. First and foremost most doctors know nothing about eating well, (quick question; what kind of condition does your doctor look in ? )  most are in poor health, so why would you listen to them? And secondly it would be foolish of me to give out advice about what kind of surgery to proceed with if someone had a broken neck, so it’s exactly the same for a doctor to point to some old food chart and say eat in moderation… which by is a myth anyway. Want to hear more on why I do not advise going to your doctor (Click Here).

Lastly I launch my very own coaching program (Click Here) ,  to help the right people  who truly need more of my time and expertise  on a one to one level.  This has been one of my projects that I am  most proud of  as I can see the impact that my coaching program is having, and who doesn’t want to make some kind of impact in life?.

 I appreciate everyone who reads and engages on my blog. It’s just another level though when I’m able to help so many people away from the blog in real life, to reach their goals. My Di’1s always say that I teach them so much and are very thankful, which I am happy for. In turn though, I’m learning so much from everyone of you who have trusted me with their health, and looking to help many more of  the right people seeking me out – think you are one of them ? (Click Here)



Despite the popular opinion of so many, to have a successful relationship with food you’ll need a permanent change in lifestyle habits. By you tearing down the concept of dieting and being in that mentality of short/quick fixes which in the long term of course never seems to work out, you will see your whole life transform.

This will also make your relationship with food a whole lot better, which then leads to you having a healthier and more stable weight… that not only you can have but also maintain for as long as you are alive and well. 



It’s been a pleasure as always to be able to share with you guys/gals

Please do let me know though…


What did you make of all this?


Do you have anything to add to the list I’ve made, that maybe has helped you out?


What is your relationship now with food after reading this ?


Let me know by simply leaving a comment below


Until next time Ciao 🙂


We Look Up  ??

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    This I will share with my friends and family thank you.

    • 1didieci says:

      Thank you Chatuluka I appreciate your kind words. Glad you like it… tell them all about it & your welcome 🙂

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    This brings back memories of how my aunt died 🙁 Although I’m not in the best of shape right now, I’m working of these tips.

    Thank you 🙂

    • 1didieci says:

      It’s all good! You’ve started your journey now I’m really happy… your never alone I’m right here for you 🙂

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    This has really encouraged me to care more about the food I eat.

    Thank you so much 🙂

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    My relationship with food after this is just having one in the first place.

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  50. Oliver Richards says:

    I’ve always been looking to cut corners when it comes to food my whole life. The example you used about the celebrities really shook me up, and the rest of the article made me want to push myself to be better.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me, this has been a big help in my life.

    • 1didieci says:

      You’re welcome Oliver… This means so much to me Oliver to hear this from you. Makes me happy this has made you want to be better, I’ll be rooting for this to happen for sure… If you ever need further assistance I’m here for you.

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    I’m great believer in taking each day as it comes myself. So it’s nice to hear you sending out positive vibes to the universe.

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    I’m feeling how much this means to you, this has really helped me thank you Karim!

    • 1didieci says:

      It means the world to me I’m glad that it resonates with you (the most important thing)… You’re Welcome Andeep 🙂

  61. Pedro Toledo says:

    What has helped me with my relationship with food is to write down what I eat. This was a tip you shared ages ago but I actually tried it, and have kept it up! I’m eating way better plus I notice I’ve cut down way on the junk food 🙂

    • 1didieci says:

      🙂 you actually did it Ahaha… I’m proud of you Pedro! You are making yourself accountable as you are noticing, and of course you can see what you have eaten everyday and make adjustments. Keep it up and let me know how you are progressing bless.

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      I’m going to do this now thanks for the tip 🙂

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    I feel exactly the same way as you Karim. I’m Glad you have shared this,and are helping and exposing the food industry.

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    I’m still working on my consistency which you have been helping me with.

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    I think pre planning to eat better can help out a lot.

    • 1didieci says:

      Yes your absolutely right Obrad. Even Pre- planned meals the night before, and stored in a container for when you come back from work or w.e is another.

    • Takács Ince says:

      Since I’ve got married I’ve done this so I never skip a meal.

  71. Louise Richardson says:

    What has helped me is to stop comparing my size to others. I believe everyone’s needs are so different so comparing is not ideal.

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    Great post Karim was not expecting this one.My relationship with food now ? is an existing one in the first place. What I really mean is that I’m eating wholesome foods, and cutting out the processed.

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    • 1didieci says:

      You’re welcome Kane. I’m glad you have learned something from this also… I’m thankful that I’ve been able to give you confidence and belief in you’re self! I feel grateful towards you as well for sharing this with me, so thank you too 🙂

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