How To Get Your 5 Fruit And Veg A day!

You’ve probably heard by now that you must eat your fruit and vegetables everyday. I mean its unavoidable, you hear about it all the time in the news, magazines, leaflets and even in supermarkets, and in supermarket products that have labels on them to encourage us to eat the green stuff.

But why?

Fruit and vegetables are low in calories, packed with minerals and vitamins, with all the right fibers and basically fat free! They also contain antioxidants and Phytonutrients (That’s plant food) such as Nuts and Beans, Which offer protection against many diseases and helps delay the signs of ageing. Who needs Botox?Β  Also, fruits have the benefit of being sweet, which can be useful in quenching your thirst.

Getting your 5 a day is easy. There are many ways to add fruit and vegetables to your everyday eating habits.

Here are some of my suggestions

Β· Why not start the day right, when eating your Cereal, Porridge or low fat yoghurt, adds some berries or chopped up bananas. If you eat eggs in the morning then I suggest you add mushrooms or tomatoes with it.

Β· Add vegetables as your side dish with your main meals. So if you are having roast dinner add some Carrots to it or if you are having Salmon add some leek parcel.

Β· Swap sugary snacks for Fruit, I can only think of pluses for doing this. I’m sure your conscience agrees.

Β· Frozen fruit counts as your 5 a day, so why not warm it up and get eating.

Β· Add some Red peppers,Β to your pasta sauce.

Β· Swap sandwiches for Healthy soups, very ideal for lunches.

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