How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight


You may of heard the saying β€œProtein is king” before. So why is protein so highly prized?

Below I will share with you the reasons why Protein is so beneficial to your weight loss goals.


Protein is a very important nutrient for weight loss goals, in fact it’s the most important one!

First off if you compare this to fat or carbohydrates, protein keeps you fuller much longer.

This makes you less likely to be snacking at midnight and adding on unnecessary calories. It then becomes easier to sustain the weight once you have lost it.

Those of you with a sweet tooth will like this tip.

If you pair protein with carbohydrate foods it slows down the absorption of sugar in your stomach and into your bloodstream, which will most likely help to prevent your blood sugar level from rising due to less future cravings.

Your body cannot effectively burn and use fat as energy if it doesn’t have help from either carbohydrates or protein ( its a scientific fact you know).

As your losing weight, your body will lose both muscle and fat, during this process. It is important that you still continue to eat enough protein in your diet.

Doing this ensures you are having adequate protein coming into your system, which will fuel the fat burning process, while preserving the calorie- burning and keeping the lean muscles you just gained.

When eating high- protein diet it will cause weight loss, but the catch is you don’t have to calorie count, portion control or any of those type of restrictions.


So How Much Protein Is Optimal ? & How To Get More Protein In My Diet ?

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So after all that I hope you understand that for fat loss, protein really is king.

You do not need to restrict anything to benefit from a higher protein diet. It’s all about adding to your diet.

This is appealing of course because most high- protein foods are also very tasty.

A high-protein diet can also be an effective obesity prevention method, not just something that you only use temporarily to lose fat.

By permanently increasing your protein intake, you end up tipping the “calories in” vs “calories out” balance in your favour . increasing the protein intake, you end up tipping the calories in vs calories out balance in your favour .

I know if you do this consistently in months, years and dare I say it, decades.. the difference in your waistline will be something else.

Though calories still count. Protein can reduce hunger and boost your metabolism, but you wont lose weight if you don’t eat fewer calories than you burn it’s just that simple.

It will be very difficult to do this without gaining weight if you are still eating junk food. For this reason you should still base your diet mostly on wholesome foods & single ingredient foods.

DID YOU KNOW? Your protein needs an increase after an intense workout. So increasing your protein intake on days that you exercise is a must!



I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you, How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight!

Did you enjoy reading this ?

Will you be making any changes to your protein intake after reading this ?

Do you have any questions you would like me to answer ?

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  1. James Acklin says:

    I like these tips already

  2. Samuel MacNeachdain says:

    SPOT ON.

  3. Lore Spielmann says:

    This is very interesting. My life experience has taught me that protein is the most critical nutrient. My body is happiest when I have enough protein.

  4. Anni Hepner says:

    Water is also great for fat loss!

  5. Ken Shing says:

    It’s so hard to get enough. I eat a lot of protein but still get only 120g or so, 25 of my overall diet. I cut rice and bread way down, and all sugary crap. I basically need to eat chicken breast 5 times per day, which is a little hard to do.

  6. Sabastian Nasso says:

    Protein is really helpful for build muscles and loose fat. A good workout and protein is helpful for reduce your body fat.

  7. Eeva Olesk says:

    Nice Tips.

  8. Ryan Donghai says:

    I agree with most everything suggested about protein in this article and would add that not all protein is created equal.

  9. Cheng Yi says:

    Great article.

  10. Kaj Busk says:

    Brilliant tips Karim.

  11. Obrad Djurin says:

    I’ll make sure my protein intake is higher after reading this!

  12. Owen Wells says:

    Just taking baby steps now, with getting rid of the ridiculously unhealthy junk food iv been eating.

  13. Riley Sharp says:

    I’m vegetarian, any tips about from where I can get my proteins?

  14. Cheryl Parry says:

    Wow you are a star! thank you for making this so simple for me.

  15. Liam Cooke says:

    Great Post Karim, Still using your meal plan since last year! the food is amazing, plus iv lost so much weight.

  16. Kaydence Mcconnell says:

    I have to admit ive tried different diets and none have worked for me. It was not until I started taking your advice things started to change.

    • Tom Price says:

      Ive done every diet out there over the last 20 years. Di Nutrition is a lifestyle change.

    • 1didieci says:

      Wow! I’m very happy to have made this impact in your life Kaydence, people such as your self are one of the reasons why i keep doing this.

  17. Renate Hippler says:

    These tips will help me thank you.

  18. Weston Griffin says:

    I hav chicken and egg.

  19. Zachaios Schiller says:

    Great Tips!

  20. Kaleho Kalena says:

    I enjoyed this.

  21. Yvonne Salaz says:

    I love this post.

  22. Rupert Jackson says:

    This will help me this week.

  23. Timo Laar says:

    This was a good one Karim.Very happy to join you.

  24. Aarne Kapp says:

    This has taken me further thank you.

  25. Lisa Kersting says:

    Never associated protein, with weight loss before.Very insightful.

  26. Yanni Melis says:

    I knew protein was king but not you! great post.

  27. Ollie Lewis says:

    Thanks for the break down brv.

  28. Aidan Mills says:

    I always feel really full after eating a lot of protein.

  29. Paul Nicholson says:

    Great Post.

  30. Johanna Rose says:

    Tried and true, my husband and I have been loosing weight this way since April with amazing results!

    • 1didieci says:

      I’m glad you’ve said this Johanna, as many of my readers are just trying it now.. here’s to you and your husband loosing more weight this year πŸ™‚

  31. Nisha Mohan says:

    It’s a complete and useful article. I love how it pointed out the right amount of protein intake we should have each day.

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