Four Myths About Low-Carb Diets

Myths to Truths

Low-carb diets are effective. They stop a lot of common diseases. This includes type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic conditions and others.  Together, these are the biggest health problems in the world.

That being said, There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about low- carb diets. Anti- low carb information often draws a negative picture of people eating unhealthy foods as part of their diets, with no vegetables or fruits, and eating bacon dipped in butter all day. And everyone on a low-carb diet is just moments away from having a heart attack, and is on a rocky road to poor health.

  The truth is that low-carb diets focus on nutritious, healthy food. The ever-growing information on carbs continues to show more and more positive results. Here are the 4 myths about low-carb diets I hear the most often. 


  1. Low- Carb Diets Discourage Eating Vegetables and Fruits- Because vegetables and fruits are mainly carbohydrates, people believe that they are not allowed when you are on a low-carb diet.

Truth: The opposite is true you see, as non-starchy vegetables are usually at the bottom of the low- carb pyramids. Meaning they should be  eaten often, in fact almost  everyone on a low-carb diet eats more vegetables than the general population. For the most part vegetables and fruits are the carbs eaten when following a low-carb way of eating.  


2. Carbs Are Fattening– Sugar and refined carbs are bad, pretty much everyone agrees on that one. But to villainize all carbs based on that is like vilifying all fats because of the harmful effects of trans fats and vegetable oils.

 Truth: Not all carbs are fattening. It depends completely on what type of food they are in and the context. In order for carbs to be “fattening”, they need to be refined and put into a package that is highly palatable and encourages over consumption. A great example is potatoes. On their own, they are not very exacting at all. They have fibre, a low energy density and you will most likely feel full pretty quickly.  On the other hand, potato chips, deep fried in corn oil, with salt and pepper and maybe even dipping sauce is of course highly fattening food that is easy to over consume.


3. Its Impossible To Gain Weight On A Low-Carb Diet– There are a lot of people who think just because their carbs and insulin are low, that weight gain is impossible.

Truth: The truth is that you can very possibly gain weight on a low-carb diet. A lot of low-carb foods can be fattening, especially for people who are used to binge eating. Foods such as cheese, nuts, peanuts and heavy cream. Its just too easy to eat a ton of these foods, enough to either stall weight loss or cause the weight you worked so hard to say bon voyage to – to come back (maybe the bon voyage was too pleasant). If any of these foods are your Achilles heel, I would suggest eating them moderately.


4. Low-Carb Diets Will Damage The Kidneys- The reasoning here is that because people with kidney disease are usually encouraged to eat LOW protein diets, a diet that is higher in protein will CAUSE kidney disease.

Truth: This is not true. In fact, did you know a low-carb diet is often not higher in protein than the latest recommend levels.


Bottom lineLet us continue to promote the incredible life saving benefits of low- carb diets for the people that need them. But lets not forget the 4 myths I have exposed to you, and keeping on the right track of eating to live not living to eat!  


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