EAT FRUIT & VEGETABLES – As it is more beneficial than drinking it. When it is processed to make juice a lot of the fibre is left behind.



READ THE NUTRITION LABELS– It is worthwhile to do and won’t take up much of your time, and then choose the foods with highest fibre numbers.



IF THE SKIN IS EDIBLE, EAT IT- Don’t peel edible skins from your fruits or your vegetables unless you really have to. To avoid this wash skins thoroughly before eating.



BE A BEAN EATER- Eat different types of legumes frequently such as beans, lentils and split peas. You will find that they are very filling, rich in fibre and if you’re looking for bargain, they are very cheap!  Note if they are canned (Just rinse them in a colander before using them, to wash away any excess sodium). 


LESS PROCESSED IS BEST When you can choose the least processed food option, e.g. choosing brown rice over white rice or 100 percent wholemeal bread over white or multigrain. Whole grains contain double the fibre of their refined Cousins.  




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