3 Foods To Eat More Of This Easter


It’s that time again Easter! The traditional route would be to talk about chocolate eggs, or a recipe for some cake… not happening! Word of warning, this is only for the serious people and Di1’s who are committed and laser focused to actually see out their Weight loss goals/Health this year.

If you are and you’re still reading this please (Click Here) this will really help you further.

Now it’s time to share with you 3 foods to eat more of this Easter… enjoy.


Lamb- Other than the whole Jesus being the sacrificial Lamb of God which is typically eaten on Easter Sunday, the other reasons you should eat more lamb this Easter include high protein (25 or 26 grams) which contains all of the beneficial amino acids you could ask for your body’s maintenance and growth, Vitamins such as Zinc, Iron & B12 and Stamina & Muscle function.

Lamb also helps prevent you from getting Anaemia. In fact the reason why most Vegetarians are more likely to have Anaemia over meat- eaters is because they don’t eat any meat, and meat has lots of Iron in it.



Nuts- If not allergic, are a great source of fibre and would recommend you eat these (Click here) what’s good also about nuts is that you can share them out individually for e.g if you have kids you can put them into a plastic Easter egg inside your basket, or hide them and then have yourself an Easter egg hunt.

Even foods such as Wholegrain cereal, Trail mix & Seeds are a healthy alternative to having chocolate eggs. All the healthy snacks just mentioned have something in common… they keep you fuller for way longer, which is good if your dinner is taking longer than expected to be ready.

DID YOU KNOW: If you’re having a hard time fitting nuts into your eating habits (Click Here)



Fruits- If you have a sweet tooth this is the replacement and it’s healthy for you. All fruits are so filling and contain a vast amount of health benefits (Click Here) you can cut them up and put them in a container, that way you will not get bored of eating the same fruit over and over again in the Easter holidays.

It goes without saying; buy real fruit and not any artificial ones, always check for freshness too. I’d advise you also to read the labels, but most of  you out there if you do bother to read the labels… don’t know how or what you are looking for. Sound like you? (Click Here) .



I really enjoyed sharing this with you guys.  Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What are you struggling with most when it comes to the holidays & Healthy eating?

Are there any  other  foods you eat at Easter That’s Not on Here ?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until Then Ciao

We Look Up  

Karim David

-The Healthy One




101 Responses to “3 Foods To Eat More Of This Easter”

  1. Milan Michálek says:

    I struggle most with the temptation.

    • 1didieci says:

      Thanks for letting me know Milan, your best bet is to get rid of all of the temptation from your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

  2. Sada Katsunosuki says:

    Clever tips thanks.

  3. Margriet Keijzers says:

    This came at the right time, I’ve just been looking for more variety in the nuts that I eat.

  4. David Fujio says:

    This was very good. I find it hard to stop drinking so hard in the holidays.

    • 1didieci says:

      Thank you David… What I would say to that is to start reducing your intake in your regular week, and over time when the holidays come over again it will become second nature to have less. Don’t worry about how much to reduce it by just start right away, I want you to hit me up once you’ve done it too 🙂

  5. Jimmy Kvist says:

    Excellent work.

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  7. Kaatje Gutteling says:

    I’m joining your program by the end of this month Karim I promise!

  8. Benjamin Sulzer says:

    Loving your site.

  9. Dexter Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing your alternatives. I’m going to use them right away.

  10. Callum Jones says:

    I struggle with saying no to cheap fast food at a bargain price 😤

  11. Kieran Wood says:

    The extended links gave me knowledge along with this article. Stocking up on fruits this Easter 🙂

  12. Brook Kirkland says:

    Fish would of been great on this list.

  13. Amelie White says:

    This has really changed my outlook on taking care of what I put in my mouth. I’ve been exploring your other posts and I’m huge fan now, keep it up XXX

  14. Nicole Patel says:

    This is nice 💯

  15. Tage Elkjær says:

    This is very different to what I’ve ever read before online, very good message.

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  17. Ben Osvaldo says:

    Hot cross buns.

  18. Giel Dereumaux says:

    I really struggle with what to buy that’s good for me to eat at Easter time.

  19. Alan Kouri says:

    Fantastic motivation from the start! I really felt like giving up too.

  20. David Delmote says:

    Thanks for bringing something new to this topic.

  21. Arianna Crisafulli says:

    How can you not eat chocolate?

  22. Tommy Carr says:

    I love the tips here mate youve made my day thank you 👊🏻

  23. Fred Poole says:

    I am quite pleased with myself, because I did all this and your last post too.

  24. Peter Hopfner says:

    I liked this great job.

  25. Paul Höller says:

    This has motivated me to stay focused.

  26. Luke Willis says:

    Well, I’m eating these!

  27. Dejan Atlan says:

    I know it’s in one of the links… but I just love Hot cross buns so much.

  28. Chidee Halim says:

    I have trouble judging the amount of food i put on a plate.

  29. Kai Mann says:

    I’m so happy to have discovered Di Nutrition 🙂

  30. Marko Kozul says:

    This is inspiring,I truly mean that.

  31. Irena Pretić says:

    Beautifully said 👐🏻

  32. Tyler Moore says:

    This is really good, thanks for the tips.

  33. Cameron Ward says:

    is it better to eat or sell the eggs ?

  34. Jennief Wilkinson says:


  35. Tom Bolton says:

    This was very useful thanks.

  36. Lucas Laflèche says:

    Nicely done.

  37. Ant Briggs says:

    I’ve cut up all of my fav fruits like you suggested! this has saved me money I would normally spend on cake.

  38. Trayvon Hyde says:

    I don’t normally eat nuts at any time of year, but I’ve started buying Almond nuts since last week.

  39. Leho Allik says:

    non traditional approach I like it 🙂

  40. Dylan Jeston says:

    Thank you for reminding to stay focused it means a lot.

  41. Iivana Pekkala says:

    Organic Pizza.

  42. Noé Moineau says:

    Your suggestions have been helpful.

  43. Henry Perris says:

    Nice article Karim.

  44. Jannik Berg says:

    Nice work.

  45. Teddy Hedegaard says:


  46. Oliver Marčec says:

    Pressure from my youngest children always gets to me.

  47. Nicole Stamou says:

    It’s so refreshing to read this! Respect. I was expecting like the others maybe a fruit cake or two lol.

  48. John Merry says:

    For the first time in my life I wont be eating any eggs this year, Instead I’m buying lots of fruits.

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to do this.

  49. Lies Kampes says:

    Have a happy Easter!

  50. Charlie Gardner says:

    Happy Easter.

  51. Mert Sluur says:

    Happy Easter Karim

  52. Brandon London says:

    Very clever idea about the fruits here.

  53. Matthew Ellis says:

    Happy easter

  54. Rachael O'brien says:

    For the first time ever I’ve got no chocolate eggs for myself, I’m committed to my goal.

  55. Igor Babić says:

    May God bless you today.

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  57. Fin Powell says:

    Happy Easter 🙂

  58. Alex Norton says:

    Happy Easter Karim!

  59. José Rocha says:

    Have a Happy Easter Karim!

  60. Sam Cole says:

    I enjoyed reading this and I’m using all of your tips today.


  61. Elliott Stephenson says:

    Great job and have a great Easter.

  62. Amy Cox says:

    Happy Easter Karim and God bless you.

  63. Nyesha Stepney says:

    You must be crazy no chocolate.

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