23 Things Everybody Needs To Know About Nutrition


1.You must drink plenty of water everyday


2. The “studies” reported by the media are absolute nonsense


3.  Refined and processed oils are extremely unhealthy


4. If the food comes packaged with it’s own plate don’t eat it


5. Cholesterol in foods is not bad for you


6. “Natural Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Healthy”


7. “Fat” doesn’t not make you fat


8. Carbs don’t make you fat either


9. No single food is “fattening” unless eaten in excess


10. Eat more vegetables then fruit


11. Foods that brag about their healthfulness are generally hiding something not so healthy.


12. Sugar is sugar. It doesn’t matter if a bee made it, a tree made it or Miss Sugar Mama   made it.


13. Gluten Junk Food is still junk food


14. Foods that naturally contain fat are not bad for you. This means avocados, not cookies.


15. Foods that naturally contain fat but have been rendered low fat by processing are bad for you.


16. Juice is bad for you


17. If you can easily make a food yourself, you should.


18. Just because it’s called a “protein drink” doesn’t mean it’s healthy.


19. Exercise is not the fix for a bad diet. Changing your diet is.


20. Potatoes are not the enemy


21. Calories don’t mean as much as the actual food source, so chill, do not stress over calories!


22. Protein is king when it comes to losing weight


23. Stop counting calories its not needed!








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