10 Healthy BBQ Tips

With summer being in full swing here are 10 nutritional tips to use for your BBQ’s this summer 

1. It’s all in the bun. Make yourself a healthier burger by choosing a whole grain bun.

2. Lean cuts. You must use the leanest cuts of Beef, Chicken, Pork and ground     turkey. I would also say it is best if you cut off any fat that is visible before   cooking.

3. Versatility in a kebab.  The vegetarian substitute for meat and very popular is Tofu, which is also very easy to cut up and therefore ideal for kebabs! But if you like meat, cubed chicken breast, prawns and lean meats are great, the real beauty with kebabs is that there is no limit you can put as many vegetables as you like and also fruits.

4. Try some Salmon. Salmon is another alternative to meat. Something I have tried myself is to place a whole fillet onto a sheet of large foil so it is big enough to make a parcel. You should then slice half a lemon on to a layer over the top of the salmon, get the rest of the juices on to the fish by squeezing it, then you must season and wrap the foil to make a parcel and then put it in the fridge overnight, (This will allow the flavours to fuse). Cook on the barbecue for no more than about 10 minutes. This is then served with low fat yoghurt and salad with some brown crusty bread.

 5.   Be brave. Be brave be bold use ingredients that have bold flavours and will add taste without adding fat. Make sauces and marinade with some chilli sauce, low sodium soy sauce and garlic or onion powder, tomato paste and fresh herbs and spices.

6. Hello, Mr Potato Head. Well not quite! Jacket potatoes are one of the easiest things to cook when having a BBQ. Simply wrap the potatoes in tin foil and place them on the coals under the shelf and leave them for an hour, depending on the size, while you are dealing with the rest of the food.

7. Marinate your Aubergines. I always seem to get a mixed reaction when I mention aubergines, but I love them and if you do too then here is what to do. Slice up the aubergines length ways into ½ cm slices. Then marinate them for about an hour in a small amount olive oil (1 tsp), if you want you can add some vinegar or red wine (I’m not a fan) or as I prefer, lemon juice and some chopped up herbs. Place them on the barbie and cook well.

8.  Pure vegetables. Choosing the right vegetables to grill is vitally important. Why? Because some of the vegetables just do not taste very good when grilled. Most vegetarians know what vegetables will work well on the grill and which ones will not. By grilling the vegetables it enhances their flavour and gives them a rich and smoky taste. Even meat eaters would enjoy theses treats. Carrots, Peppers and Onions are the three vegetables that grill extremely well. It is the chemical reaction in grilling that causes theses vegetables to release natural sugars that are simply delicious! Sliced tomato is also a classic that when grilled tastes great.   A clever way to grill theses veggies is to put them on a skewer and place the whole thing over flames, turning slowly. This is called a kabob. If you enjoy meat, you can even add some chunks of steak or poultry to the skewer.

9.  Be mindful. Practice mindful eating and pace yourself while enjoying the food as well your surroundings. Not only will you be pleased that you did not over eat, but you will also save yourself from upset stomach and heartburn.

10. Enjoy the day. With all your family, friends and loved ones!

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