Super Six Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake



Getting a sufficient amount of protein is very important for your health. This is why the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for protein is 50 grams a day (Click Here)  Having a high protein intake helps with weight loss, your overall health and increases muscle mass.

So today I would like to share with you the super six ways to increase your protein intake.




Make Sure Protein Comes First- when you are eating your meal. Protein gets you feeling satisfied and full, also high protein intakes decrease levels of hunger pains.

Eating protein first can help you with your blood sugar and insulin levels and keep them from rising too high after eating a meal.










Have Cheese Snacks- This is a fantastic way to get the extra protein into your diet, as long as you choose the right cheeses.

If you actually look at the typical snacks consumed by the majority of people which included: Crisp (Chips), Crackers, and Biscuits, etc   they are all very low in protein.

I’ll give you an example: One 35 g bag of salt and vinegar Walkers Crisp (Chips) contains 184 calories and only has 2.3 grams of protein in it.  

In comparison to Cheddar cheese which contains 6.97 to 7 grams of protein, with 4 times the amount of calcium too.

DID YOU KNOW?: Cheese is of great benefit to heart health, as it does not raise cholesterol levels very high, not even with people who have very high cholesterol.





Have Eggs First Thing In The Morning- If you’re not going to take the time to learn how to read and understand food labels (Click Here) then you would be better off not purchasing cereal at all! As the ones that are typically chosen are the really sugary ones, which is just setting you back on your weight loss goals.

Eggs however are not only  Bey better for you anyway, they also provide so much more protein than the likes of cereals (including the healthy ones), toast and bagels.

Eating eggs for breakfast makes sure you are fuller for much longer, which means you end up eating fewer calories later on in the day.

This is a super food for sure and here are some more benefits of eating eggs (Click Here)





Choose Leaner Cuts Of Meat- This will add more protein to your meals, and of course lower calories.

DID YOU KNOW?: If you don’t eat meat you should read this (Click Here)






Add Protein To Your Salad– as you may know vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which protect us from many diseases.

The thing with salad though, it does not contain a lot of protein, which leaves you really hungry after an hour or so.

So adding protein to your salad should be top of your to do list. “Which protein foods though”? Some examples below…

Tuna: 25 g

Turkey Breast: 24 g

Cheese: 22 g

DID YOU KNOW?: Alternatively if you are looking for some good plant based ones… Chickpeas are a great choice 19 g of protein per 100 g, and also Almonds which contain 21 g per 100 g.




Eating Fish


Eat Fish- Lot’s of it too! This will boost your protein intake. I would recommend if you want to increase your fish intake ASAP to go for canned fish because for one, it requires no refrigeration, which also means you can travel with it. It’s more ideal to make as a snack or a meal, for everyone who cannot fillet a fish properly.

Though I do encourage you eat all the fatty fish like Sardines, Herring & Salmon. They are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight against inflammation and improves your heart health (Click Here) 




I really enjoyed sharing with you the super six ways to increase your protein intake

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

Which was your favourite out of the super six?

What are you struggling with the most when it comes to your weight loss?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

     We Look Up

Karim David

Karim David

-The Healthy One

Kids & Adults Workout Video

The Truth About Abs & How To Get Them



The fitness and health Industry are head over heels for the abdominal muscles aka “abs”.

Everywhere you look there is some form of abdominal campaign going on such as adverts, some special medicines or physical products for you to exercise with.

There is also a ton of so called “blueprints” on how to get six pack abs… Quick question for you on all these so called “blueprints” you’ve read; how many of you actually have six pack abs?

My guess is not many, or why would you even be here reading this? I’m afraid these methods you’ve been hearing about are absolute lies that have been spread because they think all of you guys/girls are suckers.

Whilst their bank accounts expand, your belly expands and looks like a bag of money!… I thought you were meant to be losing body fat here? 🤔

So now I’ve decided to share everything you need to know about abs exercise and belly fat, so you are no longer involved in this sport of being taken for a fool and can juke these people trying to pull the wool over your eyes.







KARIMDAVID.COM abs-anatomy

What Are Abdominal Muscles?-  Your abdominal muscles help with stabilizing your core, posture balance/support, protect your internal organs and assist with your breathing.

Strong abs can prevent back pain and other problems, whilst increasing your flexibility.




Neglect and lack of care most pains WE LOOK UP


Why You Should Know About Visceral Fat- Visceral fat is the type of fat that is located in the abdominal cavity around your internal organs.

Visceral fat is hormonally active  which is bad news if you are into eating and drinking poorly, as  It’ has been linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many more diseases.

DID YOU KNOW?:  Visceral fat has a non identical twin called Subcutaneous fat which is the type of fat you should be able to pinch as it is located under your skin. It is mainly used for fat storage so it can be a good thing if you are eating right, unlike Visceral ( the evil one) .


no showing abs by doing ab workout


You Do Not Get Abs From Exercise- Re read that title again!  This has got to be in the  top 3 myths of the fitness/health industry.  So any so called fitness expert  telling you any different is liar and I advise you  to cut all ties, as their best interest is your money not your health.

First off if you have not gathered by now there is nothing to gain, you have abs… what you really want is for them to be able to be seen.

Doing a load of sit-ups, crunches or acquiring  some stupid abs machine that you don’t even bother to use…. (Come on now stop it, you know it’s just gathering dust) just won’t get your abs to be seen no matter how much you work.

Will it strengthen your abs by doing exercise? You bet but what I said above still applies, strength in this case does not equal visibility.

DID YOU KNOW?: Shift your mind from exercise for abs to exercise for overall fat loss & better health


KARIMDAVID.COM jennifer lawrence


So What Can I Do For My Abs & Fat Loss Progress?-  The truth is It’s all about your nutrition ladies and gents, it’s vital if you want to not just lose body fat but for it to never be found again.


This is why Di Nutrition is so different to everybody else; we understand that for you to see permanent results you’ve got to see this not as some diet you try for a little bit but a lifestyle change.


This is why we decided to open up our services (Click Here)   (Click Here)  in the first place.


Myself personally,  I want to see Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes and other preventable diseases  crushed and destroyed, as I care about  all of our health’s and no matter what stage you are in your health/mood; actually making you healthier and happier.


So along with this (Click Here)  which  is the best  and only program to get out of the myth the food industry is leading you down, and to  be healthy for the rest of your life…  I’ve  also got three fire tips straight off the bat for you to apply today!  Using all of these tips, things will start working out simultaneously for you.


Tip 1: (Click Here)


Tip2: (Click Here)


Tip3: Get up & Get moving Often… Stand up, Walk, Run, Workout ( Gym, Home fitness or Yoga etc)

Crawl if you must Just quit making excuses and go get it!




I really enjoyed sharing with you the real truth about abs workouts  

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What are your six pack woe’s?

What are you struggling with the most when it comes to your weight loss?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

We Look Up🙏🏿


Karim David

-The Healthy One

3 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight


Most of you will know that eating healthy and regular exercise are very important for your weight loss goals to come true, however did you know there is a third important element to this?… Sleep.

For a lot of you this may come as a surprise, but I’m here to tell you if you’ve been overlooking the importance of sleep you know… few hours only, playing video games into the wee hours or getting (god forbid) no sleep at all! You’ll be kicking yourself once you have seen this video below.



If you’d like to know more in depth about the scientific studies about the importance sleep then please (Click Here)


Your chances of weight gain with a lack of sleep will increase both as an adult and a child, plus an increased chance of disease. Whereas, if you get  a great night’s sleep, you will eat less, workout better and be so much healthier and happier.

So if you are still reading this and it seems like something you want to pursue for your health and well being, then without  further ado….. 


Here are 3 ways to sleep better tonight.



Wake Up At A Consistent Time- This is very important for better quality of life let alone for your weight loss goals! As your body needs to get into a rhythm so it can align itself with the sunrise and the sunset.

Being consistent with your sleep and waking up / going to bed on time will in the long term boost your sleep quality, and as I said above improve your quality of life and you’ll see some weight loss progress being made.

The weekend will either make you or break you. I say this because on weekends as a whole we seem to go to bed later at night, which then leads to us getting up way later than planned!

Don’t make this amateur mistake thinking you can make up for it in the coming days, it’s never paid off before has it?  Every time you feel worse, you look worse and everything you do now when awake is affected because of it.

When you become consistent during the week and on weekends, and slay that urge to have a late night weekend… you’re going to be way ahead of the pack who are just rolling the dice with their fingers crossed, and that’s no way to live a good life now is it?


No caffine

Don’t Drink Caffeine In The Evening- Caffeine has many benefits such as enhancing your focus & giving you energy. Something you should be aware of though when consumed during the evening time, studies show that there is high chance of your body not being able to relax at night.

I did a little digging and in one study, if you consume caffeine up to six hours before bed  it significantly destroys your sleep quality.

In general caffeine stays elevated in the blood for 6 to 8 hours. So therefore, drinking large amounts of coffee in the evening time or even late afternoon is not advisable.

It amazes me how many people who are caffeine sensitive or have trouble sleeping still drink caffeine, especially coffee which keeps you up!

DID YOU KNOW?: A fun fact for you – Caffeine is consumed by 90% of the US population.



Reduce Blue Light Exposure In The Evening- Exposure to the light during the day is vital, but not so much during the night.

Being exposed to blue light during the night essentially tricks your brain into thinking that it’s still daytime. This then reduces hormones like melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you relax and unwind for that deep sleep you’ve been craving.

So for that reason blue light is the worst in that regard, with so many electronic devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and computers. Luckily I know of some ways to help you fight back against the blue light in the night time….


For Laptops & Computers: you can download an app called F.lux (Click Here) this helps block out the blue light. I have personally used this myself since 2014 and I’ve not looked back since. No more strained eyes or bad sleep because I was in the dark with a bright blue light beaming into my eyes. When the sun sets so does your laptop and computer. It’s really cool when you think of it like that, and you’ll see the difference in your sleep with this app.


For Smartphones: As of this year I found an app for my Smartphone called Twilight (Click Here) (Just like the movie with the vampires). Credit to them; so far so good, this has benefited me because I’m now able to have the choice to use my Smartphone more frequently if I choose to… rather than avoiding using it when the sunsets because of the blue light.


For TV: I’m hearing about people starting to  wear glasses in the evening time whilst watching TV, but I’ve not  tried  this out personally yet… as for one thing, I’m not really into watching TV and certainly not enough in the evening time to want to wear glasses and  secondly, watching TV 2 hours before heading to bed  with the blue light exposure is bad for your health.

DID YOU KNOW?: It will take you 2 to 3 days to get used to  F.lux (Click Here) as the screen gives  off a red light instead of the blue one you have become accustomed to.

Not to worry though, after the 2 to 3 days, you’ll not notice a thing and other people will just randomly say “Hey how come your screen is red?” and you’ll be like |” Huh really?… oh it’s that app F.Lux” etc.



I really enjoyed sharing with you 3 ways to sleep better tonight.

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

Have these tips benefited you in anyway?

Have you worn glasses for watching TV in the evening time yet?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao 🙂

    We Look Up🙏🏿


Karim David

-The Healthy One

The Things You Should Know About Frying


Today it’s all about frying, as I’ve been asked so many times to talk about it. Down below I will cover the most stirring questions about frying, plus you will learn the things you should know about frying.



What is Frying? – Frying includes cooking food in a large amount of fat (typically that would be oil) , at a high temperature. There are many different styles to fry such as…

Deep Frying: this style makes the food totally submerge in huge amounts of oil and sometimes fat for it to cook, in mostly extreme temperatures.

Pan Frying: Pan frying is cooking the food in a shallow pan, but only using very small amounts of oil.

Sautéing: Sautéing is a way of frying at speed, as you rapidly cook the food in hot oil in again, a shallow pan.

Searing: For searing you put the food on a extremely hot surface with oil to quicken the surface you are cooking on.



Frying popularity- Frying is very popular way of preparing food because it’s fast and the actual skin has coating which maintains a seal, which then leads to the insides remaining on the whole moist.

In a lot of people’s minds it also makes the food taste nicer. However, not all foods that are popular, as you may know, are necessarily  good for you, plus not all foods are appropriate for frying either.



What Do You Mean?- Fish for example; the fatty fish type are the best source for omega- 3 fatty acids, which have big health benefits. These types of fats are prone to damage at very high temperatures.

Another example is frying with such trash like Vegetable oils (Click Here)  which is detrimental to your health.



So If You’re Going To Fry Your Food- One – make sure you do not overcook it, and two – use the healthiest oils when frying (Click Here) .



I really enjoyed answering your questions, and teaching you the things you should know about frying!

If you would like me to cover anything specific then let me know below

Any other questions or your thoughts on this is always welcome



      Until next time Ciao 🙂

     We Look Up🙏🏿


 Karim David   

– The Healthy One




The 6 Benefits Of Drinking More Water

beautiful woman drinks water from a glass and shows delicious

I know the summer is here which means the water intake goes way up. We become thirstier, and is much easier to feel the effects of dehydration right about now.

As we all know about the benefits of drinking water to stay hydrated already (Click Here). I decided to share with you some unexpected benefits from drinking water this summer and beyond.

So without further ado here are the benefits of drinking more water.


Water Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals- This is a very good assistant because It’s 100 % calorie free of course, It can become even better if it becomes your main source of drink and you eliminate all the Sodas, Beverages & sugary drinks you consume. Also if you’re feeling like pigging out before your main meal you can suppress your hunger by drinking water before hand.

DID YOU KNOW?- You should keep in mind though that this on its own will not be enough to lose any noticeable amount of weight. Like I said before it is a very good assistant for whatever else you are doing for your weight loss goals. If you are struggling with this (Click Here).


Improves Your Pain Threshold- Believe it or not water can really help towards this. All muscles, joints, cramps and strains occur when the body itself is dehydrated. This is why especially when doing physical activity you must drink plenty of water, ahead of any of those sports drinks that are giving you tablespoons of sugar.

DID YOU KNOW?-  If you still drink soda drinks  this is for you (Click Here)


Gives Your Muscles An Extra Boost- When you start to sweat it causes your muscles to lose water. When working out as well, your muscles start to lose even more water as you are tiring them out.

This is why you must drink up to give your muscles that extra boost, and be able to finish up the workout.


Keeps Your Body Flowing- What I mean by this is your digestion. When you drink enough water your insides make sure that everything is running as it should.

When you do not take in enough water you start to get digestion issues (all kinds of nasty ones) so this is another reason to drink up.


Good For Your Kidneys- Our kidneys need lots of fluids to clear away what we do not need in the body. So what better fluid to drink than water to help our body do this.

DID YOU KNOW?- This really helps to prevent kidney stones from growing  big enough to cause severe pain.  


Clearer Skin– Nobody likes clogged up pores and acne on their skin. Yet we get this when we do not drink enough water and the skin inflames because of certain toxins in the body.

So when we do in fact start drinking more water it flushes out the toxins and it decreases the chance of getting lots of pimples.




I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you the 6 benefits of drinking more water.

Please do let me know though…


What did you make of these benefits?


Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?  


How much water are you drinking daily?


Let me know by just simply leaving a comment below


Until Next Time Ciao 😀


We Look Up 大 🙏🏿



How To Have A Better Relationship With Food

We hear a lot about relationships with family, friends and partners, but as whole don’t care a lot about our relationship with food. Like any other relationship it must be cared for worked on daily for it to stand any chance of surviving long term.

Eating is something that is unavoidable if you are looking to live a long life anyway, more to the point eating healthy… time and time again it has been shown if you neglect your relationship with food, you will pay the price of sickness then followed by death. You only have to look at the volume of celebrity passing’s this year, and find out how they passed.. most of it was due to poor health choices that unfortunately took them away.

Rightly so we mourn these people who have lost their lives, then we say how sad it was to lose them, Then the same people who said this end up doing what the deceased did and fall ill and then die (due to poor health) and then it just repeats itself like a bad dream turned nightmare… when are you going to break this cycle for yourself ? Has this year not shown you already how important your relationship with your food is ?

It doesn’t matter if you have an eating disorder, or you’re in good shape and just peeking through at the mirror of Erised… what’s that ? (Click Here) You can still learn how to have a healthy and positive relationship with food and that can help you to stop under-eating, overeating and just being happy with where you are and who you are right now.

So without further ado I would now like to share with you some tips that can really help you have a better relationship with food.


Forget About Diets- They simply don’t work as you may be aware of the whole “Dieting industry” is a multi-billion dollar global industry. What a disgrace that is as we are not as a whole getting any slimmer. The obesity rate has reached an all time high globally, and whilst you keep buying all those pills, powders and god knows what else… those fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank.

Instead if you decided that you want to eat better, make it so it’s for the rest of your life, it makes no sense to only do it for a period of time  and then spend the remainder ill and just being carted in and out of hospital.. Who really wants’ that for their future?

Again we can learn from what has gone before us, it’s happened too many times where people who decided to go on a diet (Aka Eat good for little bit)  and then gain all the weight back again.

If you are truly serious about your goals when it comes to this, you will forget about diets, and make your relationship with food a priority. Just like all the people who download my meal plan do, which they only had to do for 30 days but most now email me and say that  they now eat this all year round (Click Here)

So the point here is until you turn this into a lifestyle, you’re going to do either one of two things… one: A sucker to the dieting industry buying everything they sell you, whilst only getting bigger and sicker. Two: You give up. Keep on  making excuses and then years later, when you’re told you will die, take action… then it’s the luck of the draw if you live or not, living that “fingers crossed” mentality is a poor one.


Eat A Variety Of Natural Foods- This is the one, honestly, if you are eating fresh foods often and not eating processed/ limiting processed food then you are on the right path to a good relationship with food.

The amount of vitamins and nutrients you will receive are second to none, your body will thank you also.  The mind too, as you will know that you are eating well, you will feel and be much better, which in turn builds most of your so much needed confidence. You can get these from Fruits & Vegetables of course – anything that grows from the tree or the ground!


Find Healthy Ways to Manage Stress- There are so many ways to combat against stress.. going out for walks, running, hitting the gym, take up dance classes, soul cycle, yoga, meditation or just working on being more present in life. Whatever you choose it must be practiced, because it is a skill and  going back to let’s say, binge eating or any of the poor habits will do you no good.


Seek Support- Is this not why you are here? There is ton of information at your disposal… don’t just read this and then do nothing, read this and then apply what you are learning and that starts by you taking action!

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment on the particular post, email my support team (Click Here) , tweet me @1dieci ect.

I would hate for you to be suffering in silence, I’m more than happy to help all of you get to your health/weight loss goals, so long as you are serious and are willing to take action (Or it’s a waste of both our time, right?) 

I don’t advise you to go to a doctor, this is a underlying problem I see a lot of. First and foremost most doctors know nothing about eating well, (quick question; what kind of condition does your doctor look in ? )  most are in poor health, so why would you listen to them? And secondly it would be foolish of me to give out advice about what kind of surgery to proceed with if someone had a broken neck, so it’s exactly the same for a doctor to point to some old food chart and say eat in moderation… which by is a myth anyway. Want to hear more on why I do not advise going to your doctor (Click Here).

Lastly I launch my very own coaching program (Click Here) ,  to help the right people  who truly need more of my time and expertise  on a one to one level.  This has been one of my projects that I am  most proud of  as I can see the impact that my coaching program is having, and who doesn’t want to make some kind of impact in life?.

 I appreciate everyone who reads and engages on my blog. It’s just another level though when I’m able to help so many people away from the blog in real life, to reach their goals. My Di’1s always say that I teach them so much and are very thankful, which I am happy for. In turn though, I’m learning so much from everyone of you who have trusted me with their health, and looking to help many more of  the right people seeking me out – think you are one of them ? (Click Here)



Despite the popular opinion of so many, to have a successful relationship with food you’ll need a permanent change in lifestyle habits. By you tearing down the concept of dieting and being in that mentality of short/quick fixes which in the long term of course never seems to work out, you will see your whole life transform.

This will also make your relationship with food a whole lot better, which then leads to you having a healthier and more stable weight… that not only you can have but also maintain for as long as you are alive and well. 



It’s been a pleasure as always to be able to share with you guys/gals

Please do let me know though…


What did you make of all this?


Do you have anything to add to the list I’ve made, that maybe has helped you out?


What is your relationship now with food after reading this ?


Let me know by simply leaving a comment below


Until next time Ciao 🙂


We Look Up  🙏🏿

5 Of The Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning


Just imagine eating a nice healthy breakfast filled with all the good stuff for our bodies such as: fibre, protein and healthy fats that will make you feel full and have plenty of energy to burn. You’d feel real good too.

Now let’s flip that to the current state that most of you are in right now, eating nothing at all which is a huge no no, find out why (Click Here)  or eating foods that leave you feeling really sluggish and cause you to gain weight… not to mention increase your chances of getting chronic diseases.

Now here are the 5 worst foods you can eat in the morning ( from what people actually do eat in numbers) .


Pancakes & Waffles- Both of these contain eggs, flour, sugar and milk. But they are cooked in different ways. Although they contain a lot of protein, they have lots of refined flour in them. Plus many people do not stop there, oh no… In addition, it’s usual to top off the pancakes and waffles with syrup which contains high-fructose corn syrup.
What this does is cause an insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 diabetes. Even those who will argue that they use pure maple syrup are still stuck because maple syrup is very high in sugar, which has empty calories in it.

DID YOU KNOW?- The majority of us consume 2 to 6 times more sugar than we are supposed to. You’ll find this interesting  (Click Here)


Muffins- You’d think this one would go without saying, a muffin is still a muffin, I don’t care if is organic it’s still trash!
They’re made from refined flour, vegetable oils, eggs and sugar ( yes even the organic ones contain way too much sugar)
“But It’s got egg in it, egg”… Indeed you’re right, and if that same egg had chicken droppings all over it would you still eat it ?
As many Muffin eaters will know they are normally topped with chocolate chips and some kind of dried fruit sprinkled with sugar on top, just to add to the calorie woes.
So needless to say Muffins are unhealthy.

DID YOU KNOW? Muffins over the last 30 years have been increasing in size, they are blaming this solely for the epidemic of obese people around, but of course it’s nonsense… and is only part of the problem.


Fruit Juice- Is one of the worst choices you can make if you’re looking to avoid chronic diseases and weight gain. It’s marketed as healthy because of the word “fruit” but It’s anything but.
I don’t want to say much more about this, just don’t drink it, I’ll let my DID YOU KNOW? Do the rest of the talking.

DID YOU KNOW? I have a video for you 🙂 (Click Here)


Margarine- This could be with toast or w.e the bottom line is It’s no good for you. For instance, if you put Margarine on toast it will make your blood sugar level go up, cause you hunger pains and increase your risk of gaining weight. It’s also not good for the heart either.

DID YOU KNOW?- Butter is way better for you than Margarine, all the health industry have done is sold you a lie… here’s the real truth (Click Here)


Gluten Free Breakfast Foods- For years now the health industry has been talking about the effects of gluten. While granted, there is no harm In avoiding gluten, eating processed gluten- free is… just like; a Muffin is still a Muffin – Processed food is still…

Lastly, any other kind of baked goods you can think of are no better than traditional wheat-based versions due to the low amounts of protein and fibre content in them.

DID YOU KNOW?- If you’re considering going gluten free, then you will find this one a good read (Click Here)




I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you some of the worst foods that a lot of you guys are eating in the morning’s and why you shouldn’t.


Please do let me know though…


What did you make of this post ?


Do you eat any of these I’ve mentioned here?


What is the worst thing you have ever eaten before in the morning?


Let me know by just simply leaving a comment below


Until next time

Ciao 🙂





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