Happy Thanksgiving! But Are You Really Though ?

So It’s that time of year again where plates will be filled and family’s will reunite. The word that will be on everyone’s lips is “Thankful”, the question is though… what are you thankful for ?


I know for myself I’m thankful for everything even if it does not revolve around me, and show love and appreciation daily.


Though I do think it’s important to show love to yourself too. How often do you guys show self love… for e.g I love myself or think positively about yourself ?


Also… Is this just a buzz word to you ? or are you truly thankful ??

How far does your thankfulness go just for the holidays? or are you  showing thankfulness daily ??

I’m opening this up to the Di’1s & everyone else reading this, even if you’re not celebrating… I would  still love to hear from you.

If you want to make your Thanksgiving the healthiest one yet then (Click Here) 

I really didn’t wont to make a generic Thanksgiving post!

So I hope this really gets you to think and brings out healthy conversations.

Of course if you have any other questions feel free to let me know by leaving me a comment below.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Karim David 

The Healthy One 

The Healthiest Way To Cook Eggs



Eggs are a very good choice of food when looking to eat healthy.
Their versatility for a start is of great benefit, they’re extremely nutritious and very affordable… especially in bulk.

They have few calories in them, and are packed with lots of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals etc.

With all that being taken into account though, like most things the way you prepare is key as the way you prepare your eggs Morning, Noon or Night can affect the nutrients.

So down below we will explore the healthiest ways to cook and eat them.



What Are The  Different Ways Of Cooking Eggs?- Eggs as I mentioned earlier are versatile and can be cooked in so many ways,

but not only that, they can combine well with other healthy food such as vegetables. Cooking them destroys the dangerous bacteria, making them much safer to consume.

So here are the cooking methods of eggs:

Fried- eggs are cracked into a hot pan that typically contains oil.

Boiled- eggs are put into hot boiling water with their shells in place for about 5-10 minutes, just depending on how well cooked your yolk will be.

Of course the longer you cook the egg for the firmer the yolk will become.  

Baked- eggs are cooked when you put them into a hot oven until the eggs are set.

The heat of the oven should be 162°C  and you’ll have a 10 to 12 minute wait for them to cook.

Poached- Poached eggs are cooked in slightly cooler water than boiled ones.

They are cracked into a pot of water between 70 to 84 °C for 2 to 4 minutes.

Microwaved- Microwaves are used to cook eggs too. It takes the least time to cook eggs in a microwave than any of the other options, though it also taste the worst.  However, I must warn you not to put an egg still in its intact shell into a microwave, the reason being that it the egg will simply explode and make a total mess of your  microwave!

Scrambled- eggs are beaten in a bowl, poured into a pan which is hot and stirred over and over on low heat until the eggs set.

Omelette- eggs are beaten, poured into a hot pan and then cooked slowly on low heat until they become solid.

The difference between this and scrambled eggs is that an omelette is not stirred once it goes in a pan.


Which Ones Are Healthiest Then?- Overall then  the shorter the time plus the lower the heat when cooking, the better the nutrients are retained in the eggs.

So for this reason alone, the poached and boiled eggs are the healthiest choices to consume.


3 Super Tips To Make Healthy Eggs Right Now-

ONE: Choose The Healthiest Cooking MethodsNow you know that poaching and boiling are the healthiest options for you to cook eggs with, it would be silly of me not to make this top of the top three. This will also help you cut back on calories as I know a lot of my readers are working on that presently.

TWO: Mix them up with Vegetables- Eggs are a great mixed in with vegetables. This means that when you eat eggs this a perfect time to boost your vegetable intake and add extra fibre to your meal.

Keynote: If you are struggling with your 5 a day you’ll love this (Click Here)

THREE: If You’re Going To Fry… Fry Healthy- This a lot of people’s favourite method of cooking eggs, yet so many get tricked into using the so called oils that are really bad for your health… such as vegetable oil (Click Here) which is one of the most outrageous lies told by the food industry.

Don’t be fooled any longer, you should be using healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil or butter.

DID YOU KNOW?: Vegetable oil has no vegetable in it. It’s actually just made up from grains, seeds, beans!    


Still Not Convinced?- Then you should read this (Click Here) 


That’s It!

I really enjoyed sharing with you  The healthiest ways to cook eggs. Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What is your favourite method of cooking eggs before and now after reading this?

What was the best super tip?

What topic would you like to me to write about next?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

We Look Up  


Karim David

-The Healthy One




Happy Halloween


To all my Di1’s celebrating Halloween this year I hope you all have a very frightfully pleasant one! With people you actually enjoy being around and love, and memories you’ll never forget for all of the right reasons with them.

My message to you is that you’re not dead yet keep moving with your weight loss goals, and don’t give up like you’re actually the living dead… even though you may be dressed up like one.


I believe in each and every one of you, and I know you’ll be smart and make the right decisions with what you consume into your bodies. If you are not sure about what to consume and  what not to consume then you should read this (Click Here) 

I would love to know also what are you dressing up as for Halloween? & what is your favourite thing about Halloween?  Just leave me a comment below letting me know.



Not sure about you but this always puts me in the Halloween spirit. Everything about this music video is timeless, and is such a great song to listen to this time of year!

I’m sure you’ve all heard this classic many times before,so for all of you who want to listen to it one more time here it is above. 

Happy Halloween 🙂

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Karim David

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Halloween Foods To Eat & Avoid



I’ve become accustomed to all sorts of creatures coming after me whether it’s Mummies, Werewolves or even Zombies. They don’t scare me half as much as the candy being distributed out to children when they go trick or treating.

I mean they are loaded with artificial flavours, colouring, and chemical additives and not to mention have high levels of fructose corn syrup. Halloween candy  really does make my skin boil… & not just because a Mummy put my head in hot boiling water a few Halloweens ago, trust me I’m not bitter at all!


The added pressure if you have kids, to let them eat candy is very high indeed of course at this time of year, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint their little faces by giving them nothing at all.

Though I do not agree that the solution is to give them a trick, I believe that if I were to have children I would want them to have a real treat… which would include real food.

But how do we distinguish between the two? Below I’ll share with you some ideas I’ve found myself, and other much more dedicated Halloween creators that are really good for you… I will also share with you some trick foods to avoid at all cost!


Oh in case you didn’t believe me about the creatures… here’s when a zombie attacked me in broad daylight!

You’d think I would have some help, even Dare Devil is in this picture, but he didn’t and the rest of the people felt it was best just to take shots of me.


Zombie attack KarimDavid.com





raisens Karimdavid.com

Raisins: This is most definitely a treat, and I think not just for Halloween but all year round we should make a conscious effort to eat more raisins. The health benefits include relief from Constipation, Cancer, Diabetes, bone health and they are packed with lots of iron and potassium.




Mummy apples karimdavid.com

Mummy Apples: This is also a treat. Decorating your apple with some bandages for this holiday I think is a really cool idea, and may persuade your child to actually get one of his/her five a day which is of course is important (Click Here)The health benefits of Apples are: Helps against deadly diseases such as diabetes and cancers, reduces cholesterol and controls your weight, to name a few.




baked apples karimdavid.com

Baked Apples: No surprise here! I’m going to say this is  a trick. For all the benefits that are mentioned above about apples.. if you dump a load of ice cream and sauce on top, the benefits will go to waste.




Cheese Ghost Treat

Cheese Stick Ghost Face: This is a treat and I found this on Danielly Arian site (Click Here). Again a really cool way to get kids into the spirit of Halloween, and all you need is a sharpie.




Human remains trick Karimdavid.com

Human Remains: This was an awesome design but I’m not too sure who made this, such a shame that they went through all that effort and the meats they have used inside are all unhealthy… so with regret via the design I’m going to have to give this a trick… to think this human corpse had potential.



ginger-bread-men-trick Karimdavid.com

Gingerbread Men: This is a trick… If you’ve ever read any of my valuable content before you’ll know I really loathe poison, as it has no nutritional benefits and this is one of them.



bloody-cake- Karimdavid.com

Bloody Cake: Trickkkkkkkkk I’m sorry if that one sounded patronizing, but I’m sure there is somebody out there who believes that cake is healthy for them… If I was a betting man I would win big for sure, so no it’s not good for you, it’s’ trash, don’t eat it this Halloween.



stuffed-pepepers- karimdavid.com

Stuffed Peppers: This treat  is from Marie Poulin… she literally invites you to come to her kitchen (Click Here) I really like this one as again it doesn’t take much apart from some care… this has brown rice in it also so I may even do this myself! Marie’s ingredients list is on her site right here (Click Here)



minons-bannas- KarimDavid.com

Banana Minions: Who doesn’t love Minions? Getting your children to love Bananas shouldn’t be much trouble. They taste really nice and have tons of health benefits such as Potassium, Vitamin C/ B6, Fibre, Protein, moderates blood sugar levels, helps with digestive health, weight loss and make you more full.  This one made me laugh a lot, it could be minions or whatever your child is into just make sure the Banana is of course ripe and not rotten.


That’s It!

I really enjoyed sharing with you Halloween foods to eat & avoid

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What do you have planned this Halloween ?

What topic would you like to me to write about next?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

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Karim David

-The Healthy One

How To Lose Weight & Never Find It Again



A raise of hands to anyone who wants to lose weight and then gain it all back again?  Or better still, gain even more weight than what they first started with??


…… ok no one ?

In the health industry we seem to be able to get individuals to temporarily lose some weight. But then in a matter of months it’s like the game “It” where the other person chasing you is really fast and always catches you, but worse because you regain all the weight plus excess.

What we’re witnessing in the health industry and in the wider world, is people getting fatter whilst dishonest so called experts get richer.

Healthy eating is very simple, though what is simple for many always seems to be the hardest thing of all to do. The health industry has not helped with some very strange and confusing dieting fads & trends.

If you add this to the fact that many people are always in search of some sort of secret or shortcut in life… you know, the easy way out… It’s little wonder you keep getting juked, let alone with healthy eating.

This is why I’ll only give you ways for you to lose the weight and be assured you’ll never gain it back again. This is the difference between Nutrition & Di Nutrition. Which is like the difference between night & day, chalk & cheese and life and death…. This is why we started all this in the first place to make a difference (Click Here)

Here we go! ?


Why You Should Eat Healthy?-  In short because that’s what food is… healthy, real food that is natural and not GMO AKA (Genetically modified).

There’s no two ways about it you’re either eating food or you’re eating poison that will affect you in many areas of your life.

Also you’ll find that if you look at the causes of deaths in for e.g. America (Click Here) the top three are serious diseases due to poor eating habits.

Whereas eating real food can reduce your chances of ever having to deal with such serious diseases like heart disease & cancer, which are the world’s leading killers (Click Here) .

Eating real food to the extent it becomes a lifestyle change will be one for the better, as it will improve all aspects of your life such as: Physical body both in and out along with performances & Brain function.

This is exactly why if you are into sports eating real food will help raise performance levels to new heights. Lastly without (touch wood) any fatal accidents happening to you, you are more than likely going to live a much longer & fruitful life… running at 95 sounds neat to me!




Foods To Eat- First make sure they are wholesome foods. Second get rid of all the processed food you have left, so you are not tempted. “Out of sight out of mind” springs to mind.

Ok onto the foods you should be eating. This is all the food groups you should be eating if you are serious about losing and never gaining the weight back again below:

Fruit & Vegetables

Meat & Fish  

Nuts & Seeds



Beans & Legumes


Herbs & Spices

DID YOU KNOW: Want a list of what types of foods to eat from within these food groups? Here are the top 40 foods you really must eating if you never want to stress over gaining weight again (Click Here).



Foods Poisons Not To Eat – By taking action on this value given, you will of course decrease your intake of unhealthy poisons you’re used to consuming.

I’m a firm believer that these poison groups should not just be avoided; they should be eliminated forever.

Some may argue and say what about special occasions?   Here lies the underlying problem… there is nothing special about assisting to your own death, unless you have a desperate urge to make it to the other side ASAP… is this your “special occasion” ? Here are the poison groups below:


Sugar: Now this includes fizzy drinks, fruit juice drinks & any other foods  poisons  that are high in sugar. If you continue to take these poisons you may end up with type 2 diabetes and you will for sure end up obese (Click Here).


Vegetable Oils: Why do they call it vegetable oil when there is no vegetable in it ? ? They taking you for a ride that’s why (Click Here).


Trans Fats: AKA hydrogenated fats, time and time again has been linked to serious diseases, the main one being heart disease.


Redefine Grains:  Foods such as white bread are high in redefine grains and will raise your chances of becoming obese and getting Metabolic syndrome = Diabetes,  high blood pressure and obesity, strokes etc all combined in one.


Anything That Says Low- Fat In Big Writing: This cannot be trusted; they are tricking you because any food product that has to boast about that is always concealing something!

In most cases It is for the fact that yes it is low in fat, but what they didn’t put at the front of the  label was that the reason why is because it contains lot’s of added sugar to make you more unhealthy and sick… but they’ll lie and say it’s to make it taste better ?  This is why I always say read the back of the labels… but most people don’t know how, I can  show you (Click Here).




Energy Spent On Calories – For a while now the importance of calories has been downplayed. I can see why as calorie counting is not always needed, and in general it was unhealthily obsessed over.

Total calories we intake still plays a major role in health for losing or gaining weight, I’m sure you’ve heard of this simple process of: First if you eat more calories than your burn, you’ll store them as muscle or body fat… it all depends on the quality of what you are eating. Second if you consume fewer calories than you burn each day, you will lose weight.

So therefore to reach your goal of losing weight for it to never been seen again you must… burn more than you consume, if however you want to gain weight and increase muscle mass… you need to eat more than you burn.



Workout- It’s not just all about what you eat, although the food you eat is king… or queen.

Before anything else you must make sure you have had a great night’s sleep (Click Here) as this is just as important as the food that you eat, as it will prevent the risk of disease.

To workout though will really improve your overall health both physically and mentally. This will become a big boost overall in the long term, you’ll enjoy life a lot more too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Gym, Team / Individual sport, Yoga or even going for walks in the park… get going today and make the first real- serious step to achieving what you’ve wanted for so long  to lose weight and never find it again.

I would like to add though that you should really work on getting a better night’s sleep consistently! I know a lot of you will ignore this but the truly serious people who have had enough and have reached breaking point… the  whatever it takes  Di1’s will lap this up and be better off for it?? (Click Here)

DID YOU KNOW: You can also workout at home here’s a video to work out on now (Click Here)    


How Do You Sustain This?- By having a strong “WHY” and to understand that this is not for the short term or long term… this is for life.

If your why is not very strong and if you see this as a quick fix solution, then I will not help you.

It would be like banging my head against a brick wall or trying to get a goldfish to remember my name…it’s not going to happen, and you’ll remain unhealthy & unhappy.

I would love to think that if you have made it this far into it you’d be the type of person that would be the opposite of that, positive vibes and all.

I like to focus my time and energy on people who really want this like they want oxygen to breathe….  Sponges are cool also, who absorb everything in and take action on it.

What separates Di Nutrition from everyone is that we’re not in favour of any balancing acts; we don’t want to see you do tightrope above your grave… neither do we want to see you juggle between real food and poisons ones.



Personally that would mean I’m not taking your health very seriously at all to advise you to do that, but also would go against my philosophy (Click Here).

So with that being said the best way for me to help you over the long term to achieve your weight loss goals (never to find it again) and for you to actually stay on track and do this is to join my coaching programs (Click Here)

This will ensure once you’ve lost the weight you’ll never find it again, as…

One: I will personally help you one to one, most big companies are far too busy and send the monkey to go help you out.

Two: you’ll actually learn something so that you too can share it with family and loved ones, not be in a forever cycle of dependence on… anyone.

Three: There is no other coaching program out there like this that actually cares for you, really  doesn’t want to see you again (well at least not in a help I need to lose weight I don’t know what to do situation) and can ensure that you’ll never find your weight back again once you’ve lost it.

That simple! Let’s get it together and say goodbye to this fat forever (Click Here)




I really enjoyed sharing with you how to lose weight and never find it again!

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

What are your weight loss goals ?

What topic would you like to me to write about next?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

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Karim David

-The Healthy One

Extreme Fat-Burning Home Workout

Super Six Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake



Getting a sufficient amount of protein is very important for your health. This is why the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for protein is 50 grams a day (Click Here)  Having a high protein intake helps with weight loss, your overall health and increases muscle mass.

So today I would like to share with you the super six ways to increase your protein intake.




Make Sure Protein Comes First- when you are eating your meal. Protein gets you feeling satisfied and full, also high protein intakes decrease levels of hunger pains.

Eating protein first can help you with your blood sugar and insulin levels and keep them from rising too high after eating a meal.





Cheese KarimDavid.com





Have Cheese Snacks- This is a fantastic way to get the extra protein into your diet, as long as you choose the right cheeses.

If you actually look at the typical snacks consumed by the majority of people which included: Crisp (Chips), Crackers, and Biscuits, etc   they are all very low in protein.

I’ll give you an example: One 35 g bag of salt and vinegar Walkers Crisp (Chips) contains 184 calories and only has 2.3 grams of protein in it.  

In comparison to Cheddar cheese which contains 6.97 to 7 grams of protein, with 4 times the amount of calcium too.

DID YOU KNOW?: Cheese is of great benefit to heart health, as it does not raise cholesterol levels very high, not even with people who have very high cholesterol.



Beyonce KarimDavid.com


Have Eggs First Thing In The Morning- If you’re not going to take the time to learn how to read and understand food labels (Click Here) then you would be better off not purchasing cereal at all! As the ones that are typically chosen are the really sugary ones, which is just setting you back on your weight loss goals.

Eggs however are not only  Bey better for you anyway, they also provide so much more protein than the likes of cereals (including the healthy ones), toast and bagels.

Eating eggs for breakfast makes sure you are fuller for much longer, which means you end up eating fewer calories later on in the day.

This is a super food for sure and here are some more benefits of eating eggs (Click Here)





Choose Leaner Cuts Of Meat- This will add more protein to your meals, and of course lower calories.

DID YOU KNOW?: If you don’t eat meat you should read this (Click Here)




PROTEIN EGG Karimdavid.com


Add Protein To Your Salad– as you may know vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which protect us from many diseases.

The thing with salad though, it does not contain a lot of protein, which leaves you really hungry after an hour or so.

So adding protein to your salad should be top of your to do list. “Which protein foods though”? Some examples below…

Tuna: 25 g

Turkey Breast: 24 g

Cheese: 22 g

DID YOU KNOW?: Alternatively if you are looking for some good plant based ones… Chickpeas are a great choice 19 g of protein per 100 g, and also Almonds which contain 21 g per 100 g.




Eating Fish KarimDavid.com


Eat Fish- Lot’s of it too! This will boost your protein intake. I would recommend if you want to increase your fish intake ASAP to go for canned fish because for one, it requires no refrigeration, which also means you can travel with it. It’s more ideal to make as a snack or a meal, for everyone who cannot fillet a fish properly.

Though I do encourage you eat all the fatty fish like Sardines, Herring & Salmon. They are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight against inflammation and improves your heart health (Click Here) 




I really enjoyed sharing with you the super six ways to increase your protein intake

Please do let me know though…

What do you make of all this?

Which was your favourite out of the super six?

What are you struggling with the most when it comes to your weight loss?

Of course Any other questions are always welcome just leave a comment below

Until next time Ciao

     We Look Up

Karim David

Karim David

-The Healthy One

Kids & Adults Workout Video

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